Friday, November 17, 2006

Despicable OJ Simpson--Part 2

I watched O'Reilly, Hannity & Colmes and Greta all have their say about this last night. I was most proud of O'Reilly and Mark Fuhrman as they talked about this. O'Reilly was outraged and urged people to not watch the show, read or buy the book and to boycott all the sponsors of the show. He had Detective Tom Lange and Christopher Darden on the show. Detective Lange described the brutal murders and it still just defies comprehension how Simpson got away with such a horrific crime. O'Reilly asked both Darden and Lange how convinced they were that Simpson was guilty. Lange said he was 99% convinced and it would be 100% except for the fact that he didn't actually witness the murders. Darden said 100% and that anyone who thought he wasn't guilty was an idiot. I enjoyed that comment.

Mark Fuhrman was on Hannity and Colmes and was outraged as well. Despite what you think about Fuhrman (I have changed my opinion of him since the OJ trial. He has described how the tape of him using the n word was a tape of him doing a fictional screenplay, he has passed a polygraph about his testimony in the trial and he has done many worthy things since then.) he did a great job of expressing the outrage that we all feel about this book and interview. He sees no redeeming value from it and even said that he will never use Regan Books/Harper Collins for a book publisher again. He asked a great question "What is this Rome?"

He described Simpson as a sociopath with no remorse or guilt. I think if we were in doubt about that before all of this there is no doubt now. I was a little disappointed in how naive Hannity was in suggesting that maybe Simpson has felt bad about this and so this was his way to get it off his chest. I see absolutely no evidence of that and his behavior is that of a narcissistic sociopath. The very fact that he cares so little about the damage that this will surely do to his children is proof in and of itself.

And I mentioned recently how Colmes has really been ticking me off lately and I found myself actually yelling at him last night. I guess he actually wrote a whole chapter in his book about how he thought OJ was innocent. Unbelievable!! So he starts being combative and taking pot shots at Fuhrman and making ridiculous arguments. I was incredulous. I guess the liberals who have been upset with Colmes for being too nice on the show have had their way with him.

Then on Greta's show she replayed excerpts from her interview that she did with Simpson in 2004. The man knows absolutely no shame. During some of the clips she showed he was trying to imply that Denise Brown was being vocal about things because she was in it for the money. That is such an unfair and grotesque accusation that I don't even know where to start. First of all Denise Brown was in the news as an advocate for her sister WHO COULD NO LONGER SPEAK FOR HERSELF because she was dead. And OJ's despicable defense team was maligning her character as part of his defense. Second she was trying to get the truth out for her sister's sake and for the sake of her kids. If you ever saw her interviews you could see she was on a mission of passion in defense of her sister and rightly so. Third, she did a lot of good and helped a lot of women deal with domestic abuse. Many women got help because of seeing Denise Brown speak out. To see Simpson accuse her of ill motives when his are so debase, it was just beyond the pale.

Judith Regan finally came out with a lengthy statement about all of this last night. To be honest I found myself going a little easier on her after hearing her side of the story. I still think she is mistaken in any good coming out of this but her own story of domestic abuse made me understand why she would do it. Here is an excerpt from her statement:
"I made the decision to publish this book, and to sit face to face with the killer, because I wanted him, and the men who broke my heart and your hearts, to tell the truth, to confess their sins, to do penance and to amend their lives.

I have not spent a lifetime in the study of deception detection, but ex-CIA specialist Phil Houston has. “When killers confess,” he told me, “the way they often do it is by creating a hypothetical”—and then they spill their guts.

For many of them, it is the only way to tell the truth.

I thought of this and the many books I’ve published over the years on the subject of sociopaths and their lack of empathy (Without Conscience and Snakes in Suits). And I thought about The Mind & The Brain, a book about the power of the human will. Is such behavior the result of a genetic flaw? Could it be caused by a head injury? Is it the result of a weak and damaged human will? Was this man suffering from a sort of emotional autism?

How did it happen? How could a man with so much have so little? And how could we, as a society, continue to protect him and others from the consequences of his wrong-doing?

I don’t know why he did it—why he did the book, and sat for the interview. Was it his own disturbed need for attention? Did he have remorse? Was he ready to come clean and make amends and do his penance? I wouldn’t know until I sat down in a chair across from him.

What I do know is I didn’t pay him. I contracted through a third party who owns the rights, and I was told the money would go to his children. That much I could live with.

What I wanted was closure, not money."

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