Sunday, October 08, 2006

Stay Tuned...

Toon Credit: Glenn McCoy

I think this cartoon says it all!! I have been burning the candle at both ends so haven't been able to do more substantial posts or visit as much. I'm also getting ready to do some substantial posts on crucial issues that Missourians must vote on this November. The race between Jim Talent and Claire McCaskill is extremely important. If McCaskill squeaks out a win that means we go from having one of the most conservative senators to one of the most liberal. Also, this race could literally decide if the Republicans retain control of the Senate or lose it.

Tune in to Meet the Press this morning because McCaskill and Talent are going to be engaged in a debate on the show.

I am also going to do an in-depth post on the Stem Cell Research amendment that Missouri will vote on. It is a huge deal because if it passes Missouri tax-payers will be force to pay for experimentation on human life. Two people connected with Missourians Against Human Cloning are giving a presentation at our church tonight. I set it up and am looking forward to it.

So anyway stay tuned for some important posts that are crucial for Missouri but also for everyone else. Other states are watching how we vote on the Stem Cell amendment because if it passes it will be an encouragement to other states to try and pass one also.


I just watched the debate and took notes. I have to admit that as much as I love the President when I would watch his debates I would just cringe. But that was not the case today watching Talent. I would have to say objectively speaking that he kicked Claire's butt!! Tim Russert raked Talent over the coals about the war and Talent gave an extremely good defense of the War in Iraq. I have to say I was extremely impressed. My only disappointment on his part is that when he was asked if George W. Bush was a great president he wouldn't go ahead and say yes. I don't care about the polls it is ridiculous to feel like you have to distance yourself from Bush.

As for Claire I was more convinced than ever what a complete disaster she would be for this state and our country. Most of what came out of her mouth was talking points, political slogans and stupid quotes. I have 2 ridiculous quotes to use when I do a comprehensive post on her. She compared herself to McCain, Warner and Graham and that is supposed to endear us to her, yikes!! So much of what she said was double speak. Most of rural Missouri hates her as was demonstrated by the fact that she got very few of their votes in her run for the Governorship in 2004. And yet she called herself a daughter of Rural Missouri in a pathetic attempt to cozy up to rural voters. She also insists that she's for a ban on partial birth abortion but only with certain exceptions which basically would enable anyone to get one. When a baby is viable outside of the womb there is no case for killing the baby to save the life of the mother. But by insisting on this she can say she's for a ban even though she isn't. Nice double speak!! Missouri must not fall for it in November.

Mo. Candidates Debate Foley, Iraq War

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