Tuesday, October 17, 2006

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"I don't believe in a fate that will fall on us no matter what we do. I do believe in a fate that will fall on us if we do nothing."--Ronald Reagan

The Reagan quote is my new quote on my sidebar. Rush was talking yesterday about how he is fed up with conservatives and Republicans who have just given up on these elections and resigned themselves to defeat. I would have to say a hearty amen to that!! Rush brought up the Reagan quote and I knew I would have to go look it up because it is a gem of truth. We still have 21 days to make a difference and I for one refuse to just give up and resign our causes to defeat.

I have heard that many conservatives have decided that all incumbents deserve to get thrown out because they haven't done the right thing on this issue or that. If you actually think about this mentality it is completely irrational. I was talking to a man who said he was furious at Republicans even though he was one. He wasn't going to vote for any of them. So I pinned him down on what issues he was upset about. He was upset about immigration. I let him know that both of our Senators and our Representative were as great on immigration as you were going to get. I told him not to blame our Representatives for idiotic things that Specter and McCain had done. Well, he claimed why hasn't anything been done then on immigration? I reminded him that for example our senators couldn't force the other 98 senators to do what they wanted. And actually on this issue there has been a bill passed to build a fence so there has been progress on this issue.

All of that to say I'm one of those eternal optimists that will refuse to be a defeatist. If I find out on November 8th that we've lost than so be it, but beforehand I'm going to work and pray for the best. I, like Bush and Rove am upbeat about our chances in the coming elections. We still have 21 days to get off our butts and make a difference.

In other news...

1)--The Missouri Supreme Court strikes down the photo id law

I was extremely disappointed by this but not surprised. I just found out that ACORN is up to their usual tricks and there is suspected fraud in St. Louis already. Unfortunately the photo id law would've helped prevent some of this fraud from coming to fruition at the polls. Here are 2 links that discuss how the St. Louis election board has already found over a thousand voter registration cards that are suspected to be fraudelent:
Claire Supports Criminal Activity
ACORN Under Fire

2)--Scalia Kicks the ACLU's Butt!!

Have I mentioned recently how much I love Antonin Scalia :-)?

3)--Harry Reid's financial scandals are ignored by the MSM, ofcourse!!

Other posts on this:
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4)--And last but not least the economy is doing well but the MSM is ignoring this also because it is good news for Republicans

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