Tuesday, October 24, 2006

LMC on the radio

I have been contacted by a radio program called Open Source. They are going to be talking about the Missouri Senate Race tonight and they frequently have bloggers on as guests. A lady called me yesterday and talked to me for about a half an hour. As I did research on the show I was a little nervous since it is based in Massachusetts. But I listened to a show they did recently on the Tennessee Senate Race and was impressed. They had on several guests including a conservative and a liberal blogger. But there was no badgering of people or arguments. There was just genuine questioning of the guests on what they thought about the candidates and the race in Tennessee.

Last night I did extra research on Talent and the stem cell issue to be more prepared. I would appreciate everyone's prayers. There are several ways you can listen to the show on the internet. There are 2 different ways to listen to it live and then you can also download it afterwards and listen to it through iTunes. Go here to check out how to listen.

Here was Rob Huddleston's (the conservative Tennessee blogger on the show) take on being on the show.

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