Saturday, October 14, 2006

I'm Home

Well, as you can tell I've had a rough week. I greatly appreciated everyone's prayers and kind wishes. It meant a lot to me. Through all of the difficulties of this week God really blessed me. I had several friends that came and just took over at my house with my kids. Joia not only was updating my blog for everyone but she came and took care of my kids plus made them do their school. It was nice to know that while I was ill things were being taken care of. God has blessed me with a great family and many great friends and for that I am very thankful.

Thanks also to all of you who did special posts on my behalf and let me know you were praying. The pic from this post was made by Mike over at Mike's America and put a huge smile on my face. Thank-you!!

Well--my stay in the hospital was interesting. I have never stayed overnight in the hospital except to have babies and I had never been in the ICU. Some of the nurses were wonderful and some were the other extreme. But all that to say I'm out and hopefully will be back up to par soon. Right now I'm still feeling very weak but they've got me on some drugs and I'm allowed to eat normal foods now. Several of my friends took my kids overnight so I get to have a peaceful house for awhile.

One friend said that she knew that somehow the democrats were responsible for this :-). It made me smile. One of my daughter's friends made a card for me and said that I needed to get well so I could get back to my blog :-). So no reason to fear I will be back up to par in order to continue my work on the campaigns soon. The GI Dr. who did the scope on me asked me what I did for a living. Right before the procedure I'm telling him that I homeschool and do some political work. He said he had met Talent and was impressed with him. So I guess now that I think about it my Dr. was probably a Republican so that was good :-)))).

Thanks again to all of you and I will hopefully be visiting soon.

Also, my friends did tape Lost for me and it was a nice coming home present to be able to watch it ;-)!!

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