Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Despicable Mark Foley

Tony from Tony's KC was curious what my take was going to be on the Mark Foley scandal. This was my response and pretty much sums up my opinion on the subject:
"I think Foley is a despicable perv who would've gotten kicked out of congress by his own party had he not resigned and deserves to rot in jail, it doesn't matter that he's a Republican. That said don't expect me to take kindly to being lectured to by the hypocritical Democrat party that keeps their pervs in office and out of jail."
This was his response:
"Somehow, I think that's the perfect response."

Since my post was going to be short I spent a lot of time on other conservative blogs to see what others' takes were on it. Patrick's post entitled "That Fool Foley" expresses other sentiments that I have about the scandal and says it well. Chickenhawk, Ex-Donkey and Mike site reports that show the Democrats and the Media possibly knew about this for awhile and waited until right before the fall elections to release it. Old Soldier points out the hypocrisy on all of this and GG brings up that if the Republicans knew about this and covered it up they deserve the heat that will come down upon them. I agree that if anyone knew about this and covered it up they are just as despicable but I will reserve judgment on that until we hear all the facts.


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