Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Your Opinion?

Toon Credit: Calvin & Hobbes

Since I spend 3 nights a week talking to people about their opinions I thought it might be fun to survey all of you on your opinions. Some of you may not be comfortable sharing what yours are but for the rest of us who want people to know our opinion feel free to share your answers in the comments section. After everyone weighs in I will do an update and put what my answers would be to the survey. This survey is one of the ones we use but I've modified it some to fit beyond just Missouri.


1) What do you think are the 3 most important issues facing your state? Pick your top 3 from the following list or choose your own:

--Healthcare/Prescription Drugs
--Lower Taxes
--Morals/Family Values
--State Budget
--Stem Cell Research
--War on Terror

2) What is your opinion on the issue of guns? Do you support...?

--more gun control laws
--stricter enforcement of current laws
--a conceal and carry law

3) How do you feel about your level of taxes in general? Are they?

--Too high
--About right
--Not high enough

4) Do you generally consider yourself to be pro-life or pro-choice?

5) Do you usually vote more for Democrats or more for Republicans?

6) What political party do you most align yourself with?



Thanks to all of you for weighing in with your opinions. Here are my responses to the questions:

1) --War on Terror (if none of us are alive because we are wiped out by Islamic terrorists none of the other issues will matter)
--Stem Cell Research (this is up for a vote in November here in Missouri, I think this is a very important issue because Adult stem cells have proven success but embryonic stem cell research is destroying human life without knowing whether it will even help with cures or not)
--Education (we desperately need school choice)

2) Conceal and carry all the way. We just passed a law for this recently here in Missouri.

3) Too high (I'm incredulous whenever anybody answers anything but this)

4) Pro-life

5) Republicans

6) Republican

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