Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Unions, Democrats & Fraud

Poster credit: Unionfacts.com

A friend of mine and her family went to a parade yesterday on Labor day. The whole parade consisted of Unions and Democrats. Her husband was disgusted by the misleading information that they were sharing with people and especially the fact that they seemed to be using fear tactics to try and manipulate people.

Then I happened to catch this AWESOME commercial. It was done by Unionfacts.com. So I figured I ought to check this website out. It is a goldmine. Take the time to check it out especially their 4 commercials that they have airing right now.

I have always been bothered by the fact that Unions indoctrinate their employees in liberal philosophy. Whenever I try to have a rational discussion with liberal relatives who are Union members they have illogical responses. I have figured out the reason why is because they've been brainwashed. One relative in particular has been a Union employee since he was 18 and it shows. I was shocked one time when talking to a neat Christian lady who explained that she held her nose and voted for Republicans because of moral issues. Otherwise she thought the democrats were better on all the other issues. And why do you think that was? She had been in the teacher's union most of her adult life.

My husband worked for a Union for 5 years. It was a mixed experience but for the most part we both came away with a distaste for Unions. The best part was obviously the wages. You made very good money and once you were in the Union you were almost unfireable. A relative that got him the job violated every work ethic I had ever been raised with. He was very high in the seniority ranking which made it virtually impossible to fire him. So he literally went out of his way not to work just so he could screw the company. I think he worked harder not working than if he had just done his job. It was sad. Then the Union had such high demands that they went on strike about 2 years after my husband started there. The Union doesn't let you work anywhere else so we had to live off our income tax money and just pray that the strike would be resolved soon. What was the result? Their demands were met but 3 years later the company went bankrupt because they couldn't afford to pay such high wages.

The Union was supposed to help the little guy but we never found that to be true. Before they went bankrupt my husband was starting a side business in being a stockbroker eventually hoping to do that full time. The bankruptcy caught us off guard because he hadn't had time to build up his clientele yet. But his boss was ecstatic because if he could get all the union employees who were leaving to roll over their 401K plans he could have his business set up for awhile. The Union said they would support him and have him present his information at a meeting. Being a part of the Union he was led to believe that he would be the one they would recommend. Instead they stabbed him in the back and promoted all these other people who didn't even work for the Union.

My husband was already set in his beliefs before he started working there so he wasn't prey to any of their indoctrination so he regularly challenged it. The Union was supporting Clinton and yet he pointed out that Clinton was the one who signed NAFTA which eventually put the Steel companies out of business. Most of the Union people were pro-gun and yet Clinton had a very pro-gun control position, etc...

All of this to say I'm glad to see some of the Unions' tactics being exposed. I am most upset at how the Teachers' Union controls our public education system. We can't have school vouchers or any meaningful education reform because the bureaucrats in the Teachers' Unions would lose their power. It is time for that to change.


Mike outdid himself with his most recent post. He does a thorough job of revealing what to be aware of in this fall's elections. He has research and evidence on all the fraud that Democrats have committed in past elections and how not enough of them have been prosecuted. He points out that Democrats always scream about Republicans but there is very little evidence of Republicans committing the same kind of fraud. Take the time to check it out. Here is a quote:
"In the 2004 presidential election, attempts to affect the vote in key states with fraud, harassment, vandalism, violence and intimidation reached epidemic levels never seen before in American politics."

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