Thursday, September 14, 2006

My Review of The Path to 9/11

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I finally finished watching "The Path to 9/11" last night. For the most part I thought it was very well done and I learned a lot. I love documentaries but I like them to be in movie form since my ADD brain finds it easier to pay attention.


What I didn't like was the fact that they combined scenes and people to make the story easier to tell. I understand why there was a need to do that but it made it hard to know exactly which scenes were true to life and which ones weren't. I especially didn't like the way Condoleeza Rice and Richard Clarke were portrayed. There is no way you're going to convince me that the Condoleeza Rice we've seen and learned about over the past 5 years is the one they portrayed on the movie. And there is no way she told Richard Clarke to take over at the end of the movie when we know that she demoted him before 9/11 even took place. Richard Clarke was made out to be somewhat of a hero and I find that hard to swallow knowing what we know about him today.


I learned a lot about the progression of events and how things panned out. John O'Neill was portrayed as a hero and I think he was. He was critized for being tough and aggressive but had he been listened to we may have been able to thwart some of the terrorist attacks. The way Madeleine Albright, William Cohen and Sandy Berger were portrayed is how I viewed them their entire time they've been in the public eye. They have always been more concerned with not appearing to be the Ugly American. They are more concerned with not offending people and being politically correct than protecting the American people and accomplishing justice.


The reason the Clintonistas were so upset about this movie is because it revealed how weak-kneed the Clinton administration was about getting Bin Laden and fighting terrorism. Albright and others thought the Cole bombings and others were acceptable losses rather than appear to the U.S. people or the World as being too aggressive. And I completely agree with Dean Barnett's comments that I quoted in my last update on this docudrama. The bottom line is that Bush may not have taken terrorism as seriously as he should've either pre 9/11 but once 9/11 hit he did a 180 on his policy towards terrorism. The same cannot be said of the Democrats. It was frustrating seeing people not want to be aggressive enough before 9/11 but to know they don't want to now after what we've been through just leaves me flummoxed. The video below I found at Joe's blog and it totally proves my point. Make sure you watch the President nail Lauer and prove all the points I have been making.

Lauer & Bush

I cannot emphasize this next point enough. I know this will offend liberals but I feel very strongly about this. The whole point is that most Democrats still have a pre 9/11 mindset and want to handle terrorism like Clinton did. We lost almost 3,000 of our citizens that day and yet Democrats plan for protecting our country is to cut and run in Iraq and to fight Bush on all the successful measures that he has implemented to fight terrorism. Like I have pointed out the Democrats disagree with every measure for the War on Terror but their only solution in fighting terrorism is to engage people more. Bill O'Reilly was just saying last night he has yet to hear what the Democrats will do to protect our country from terrorists.

"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain-- and most fools do."--Dale Carnegie

This is my new quote of the week that I found at Mark's blog. I can't tell you how appropriate this is for the Democrats and their constant criticism of Bush's policies for the war on terror. They criticize, condemn and complain but they have NO SOLUTIONS!! A guy recently wrote a letter to the KC Star complaining about how awful Bush is. My blood pressure just rose and I have just had it with the constant barrage of negativity towards our courageous President. Below is the response I sent to his letter to the KC Star:

I'm writing this letter in response to Shawn Kalmus's letter that was printed on September 11th. I am so tired of the grossly unfair attacks that are made against our President on a daily basis. President Bush has kept this country safe with his courage in fighting the War on Terror. President Clinton stood by as terrorist attacks were committed against American citizens and he did nothing. He didn't want to fight the terrorists because he knew it would be unpopular and he didn't want his poll ratings to suffer. President Bush has stood strong and done the right thing whether it was popular or not. As a result we haven't had a terrorist attack on our soil since 9/11. We owe President Bush a debt of gratitude not constant criticism. And I think history will regard him much more favorably than his poll ratings do now.

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