Saturday, September 16, 2006

LMC's Rules

1) If you are a liberal you probably won't like my blog. You are allowed to make comments that address an issue or idea but personal attacks on my character or others will not be allowed.

2) As Rush often says about his show he is a benevolent dictator. LaShawn Barber says it better than I can so I'm going to quote her here:

"You have no First Amendment rights on this blog. My right to free speech is protected on this site, not yours.

Mini-civics lesson: The First Amendment restricts government, not private citizens, from infringing on your right to free speech. On this blog, your speech is a privilege. On your blog, your speech is a right. Learn the distinction."

3) If you have a blog please link back to it because I am much more likely to delete your comments (if they are hostile) if you don't have a link.

4) I have the right to edit, delete or ban you from making comments. If you don't like it whine on your own blog.

5) I don't like the comment section to become a hostile environment. If I sense that it is becoming so you will be deleted and possibly banned. I did not set up my blog to be a forum for debate with liberals allowed to make whatever negative comments they want. Let me reiterate, your first amendment rights apply to your blog, not mine.

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