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LMC's Crazy Insanity Smorgasboard-Part 2

Toon Credit: Glenn McCoy

Well-I'm plugging away at my list, finally got my house clean and my kids school is set up and ready to go for monday. I feel like I've gotten the most unappealing and hardest tasks out of the way so Its easier sailing from here. Now onto the smorgasboard.


I posted this cartoon about the judge because she's a Carter appointee and so that gets me to the subject of Carter's recent absurdities. I literally laughed out loud when I saw this cartoon because it so describes how I feel about her ruling. And she is a perfect representation of how Carter is out in left field.

I got some criticism about my recent post on Carter. I exposed in that post how he has been anti-American even as far back as during his own term as president. A liberal who is negative and condescending about anything a conservative says accused me of being mean and un-Christian. I thought about that for awhile and my response was that people need to be held accountable for their bad behavior. Jimmy Carter has trashed everything I hold dear in recent years, mainly my country and my president. And I'm not going to stand by and not hold him to account for his words and actions. And after his latest comments I think I may have even been too nice.

So what did Carter say now?? He had the audacity to attack one of our strongest allies. He criticized Tony Blair for being too supportive of our president and our country. I have literally never heard of such a thing. He loves anti-American, anti-freedom dictators but he doesn't like people who are willing to put their lives, blood, sweat and tears on the line for our country. What is wrong with this picture? Even liberals have to be scratching their heads here. Check out Mike's excellent post on this. I am seriously wondering at this point if he doesn't need a sanity check. He needs to go back to building houses and stop meddling in areas of foreign policy that only bring harm to our country.


First of my hats are off to fellow blogger Bushwhack for his service to the victims of Katrina. After witnessing the disaster last year he and his wife gathered up a team of people and supplies from their church, took some vacation time and went and helped out with the relief effort. Thats what I call putting your money where your mouth is. This is probably the untold story of this tragedy is how many people gave of their time and money to help in the relief efforts.

Now for my thoughts on how the whole Katrina tragedy has been portrayed. I am furious over how once again lies were initially told about what was happening but by the time the truth came out the Drive By Media was nowhere to be found. And the fact that people like Spike Lee keep saying it all took place because Bush hates black people doesn't help matters. Here are some of the facts about the tragedy that Mike points out and I wonder how many people are aware of them:
"For days, hysterical "news" reports claimed that there were 10,000 dead in New Orleans. We were told that bodies were floating in the streets while survivors were forced to eat the corpses to survive. Hour after hour, reporters camped out at the Superdome asking why help had not arrived.

It was stated openly and repeated often that the reason this human nightmare was happening in New Orleans was because the residents who "Chocolate City" Nagin failed to evacuate were black.

* It was only later that we learned that white people died in greater proportion. The overall death toll from Katrina was a fraction of the initial claim.The howling hysterics who claimed black people were forced to eat corpses later retracted the claim but continue to insist that the entire tragedy was due to white racism.

* Both the Red Cross and Salvation Army had prepositioned supplies ready to assist survivors at the Superdome and Convention Center but were refused permission to take them to those site.

* Louisiana Governor Blanco, who joined "Chocolate City" Nagin in demanding immediate help, also rejected repeated attempts to federalize the state's National Guard disaster relief which would have speed up efforts considerably.

* Louisiana received even more federal money than California for Army Corps projects. But instead of strengthening the levees which eventually failed, spending was directed at pork barrel pet projects of Louisiana's Democrat political leadership. Improving the levees was not a state "priority."

The Big Lie: Once the Genie is Out of the Bottle

While every facet of the hysterics, lies and race-baiting regarding the Katrina disaster have been exposed, the big lie in the Big Easy worked. Few people swept up in the emotion of the mis-reporting that typified this sad episode bothered to reload the outrage rack once the truth got out."

Also, Grey Ghost posted on an awesome article written by Star Parker entitled: Katrina, Lies and Videotape. She does a great job of exposing how fraudelent Spike Lee's (a-hem) HBO documentary is about Katrina. Here are some excerpts:
"At a time when we need light and understanding, Lee has delivered darkness, anger and hatred. Those who will be hurt the most by the distorted and untruthful picture that Lee has concocted are the poor blacks he purports to want to help.

It's clear that Lee did not go to Louisiana in search of truth. He went to Louisiana to carefully construct a documentary that would support the conclusion he had already reached. That conclusion: poor blacks suffered and died as result of the indifference of a detached and racist Bush administration in general and President Bush in particular.

The film commits egregious journalistic sins of commission and omission, carefully selecting and editing footage to indict Bush, including only commentators who support the conclusions that Lee had already reached, and selectively omitting reams of information relevant to the complex truth of what actually happened.

Since Lee already knew the truth, he didn't have much need to examine material such as "A Failure of Initiative," Congress' investigation into Katrina, which shows failure and breakdown at all levels of government _ local, state and federal. It also was of little interest to Lee that primary responsibility for disaster preparation and management is at the level of local and state government, not federal."

I mourn for the victims of Katrina but it upsets me that it was used as yet another political football to bash Bush.

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