Friday, June 09, 2006

A Week of Awesome News

Zarqawi - Sabotage

Justice is Served

(I found this great video at Mike's blog and am ecstatic that I figured out how to post it on my blog. It was much easier than I thought.)

This has been a great week for Republicans and for the American People!! Ofcourse the best news is how justice was served in the death of Zarqawi!! I can't tell you how encouraged I was wednesday morning when I turned on the TV and saw the news. (The best thing about having cable and Fox News is to be tuned into these things when they first happen. I was talking to a relative of mine wednesday night and she was casually mentioning how she had heard something about this but hadn't turned the TV on yet. Thats something I just can't relate too, I like being in the know from the second the news breaks.) But I digress, It was a good wednesday morning. I felt like doing that motion with your arm and saying, YES!!!!!! To be honest I was disappointed that W and Tony Snow weren't more elated. I know they have to be more restrained but I don't.

Most of you have probably already heard the whining by the left on why we shouldn't be celebrating this. This was my response to a liberal who was whining about this on another blog:
I will not apologize for being ecstatic about his death. This man is responsible for an astounding number of gruesome deaths and justice has indeed been served. There is absolutely no comparison between us and those who celebrated the death of INNOCENT men and women on 9/11. Zarqawi was a monster. I listened and watched Nick Berg's beheading on the internet. His screams are the most horrific I have ever heard in my entire life. Zarqawi didn't cut his head of like a Samurai would w/a sharp sword in one fell swoop. He slowly cut off his head with a dull blade. Does it get any more gruesome than that?

I will celebrate and make no apologies. A very evil man is dead and because he's dead many innocent lives will be spared and the terrorists will have lost a leader who inspires them to do evil. It was a great day yesterday and I don't have to be restrained in my joy like W does.

And don't even get me started on the absurdity of Nick Berg's father's comments. I heard his comments several times yesterday and each time I heard them I got more upset. How he can blame Bush who has never maliciously taken anyone's life and not Zarqawi who beheaded his son with his own bare hands is beyond my comprehension.

I think Zarqawi's death is a huge blow to Al Qaeda and a huge success for the War on Terror. Al Qaeda has lost a charismatice leader which will be hard to replace. At the same time our troops and Iraqi forces have received a much needed boost in morale. George W. Bush gets a lot of criticism for how things go wrong so he deserves a lot of credit for when things go right. God Bless George W. Bush and God Bless our Troops!!!

I found this great article on Zarqawi's legacy entitled, Zarqawi's Final Atrocities. Check it out!!

Also, let us not forget that if Murtha had gotten his way and we had cut and run Zarqawi would still be alive and beheading innocent men and women!!

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Next, was the awesome news in California this week. Wordsmith listed all the successes for Republicans in the elections on tuesday. The biggest one was that Republican Brian Bilbray defeated Democrat Francine Busby in a Congressional Race. The Democrats were bragging about how this race would be an indicator of the voters' mood in November. Well if it is, things look good for Republicans :-).

And last but not least we had some good news in Missouri this week. My wonderful Governor Matt Blunt signed a much tougher sexual predator law. Here is an excerpt from the article:
"Gov. Matt Blunt on Monday signed a sweeping sex offender law that lengthens prison terms, denies bail to repeat offenders and strengthens reporting requirements for the sex offender registry."

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