Saturday, June 24, 2006

LMC's Saturday Smorgasboard

Taylor Hicks - Do I Make You Proud

I found this video over at Clew's!! Take the time to watch it and you will be moved. I want to dedicate it to Private First Class Thomas L. Tucker and Private First Class Kristian Menchaca. Their deaths saddened me and we mourn their loss. Many have done some great posts about them including Wordsmith with Bereavement and Old Soldier with Deafening Silence on Gayle's Blog.

Toon Credit: Linda Eddy

This is an excerpt from Old Soldier's post which expresses my sentiments to a tee:
"May God bless and comfort the family, friends and comrades of Private First Class Thomas L. Tucker and Private First Class Kristian Menchaca, and may God rest their souls."

Mike did an awesome post on Bush's speech in Budapest, Hungary and linked to some history on Hungary. Isn't this picture great? Here is an excerpt of Bush's speech:
"The lesson of the Hungarian experience is clear: Liberty can be delayed, but it cannot be denied. The desire for liberty is universal, because it is written by our Creator into the hearts of every man, woman, and child on this Earth. And as people across the world step forward to claim their own freedom, they will take inspiration from your example, and draw hope from your success."

Mike also gave me these classic pictures of Dems and Republicans' brains. They provided great comic relief for me after a frustrating week of dealing with irrational liberals. In fact I spent way too much time at Mike's blog last night. He has some great stuff but I blame him for me not getting anything else done :-).

In the sad news department Aaron Spelling died yesterday. He was truly the King of TV since the 60's and will be greatly missed. These are just some of the shows he was responsible for:
"In his long career, Spelling produced some 200 shows, including Starsky and Hutch, Charlie's Angels, The Love Boat, Vegas, Hart to Hart, Dynasty, T.J. Hooker, Fantasy Island, Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place and Charmed."
Here's an article that shares some of his TV legacy.

I heard an awesome group on Laura Ingraham's show the other night. I didn't know much about them but they appear to be the anti-Dixie Chicks. I love their music and have enjoyed listening to their songs. Check out SheDaisy's music.

And to end this smorgasboard on a good note my conservative Senator Jim Talent is kicking his opponent Claire McCaskill's butt in the latest poll. Woo-hoo!!!!!

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