Monday, June 05, 2006

Highlights of Last Week

This is the Calvin & Hobbes I kept trying to post w/my list of things that irritate me. Its good and it would've gone perfect but blogger was being a pain in the rear this week when it came to posting pics. It still is because again it won't let me post more than 3 pics per post. Ugh....

My week of Dee went well but I am completely and utterly exhausted. My kids loved the Sports Camp and I enjoyed getting stuff done at home. The problem was having to get up early to take them there. As I've mentioned before I am a major night owl so I don't get up early. I was hoping that after not getting sleep after a night or two I would be forced to go to bed early because I would be so tired. The problem was I had something going on every night till 8 or 9 and then I would go straight to the gym after that. I wouldn't get home till 11 or 12 and then I would need to unwind, etc. Anyway it made for a week of no sleep. Then I had a bunch of non-stop activities this weekend. So all of that to say I got 3 rooms thoroughly de-cluttered, a lot of stuff thrown away and carted off to Goodwill. But the rest of my house is now trashed and I'm tired :-))). But its summer so I guess I will eventually get my act together.

My kids and our American Girls group finally got to go volunteer at Operation Iraqi Child this weekend. It was an awesome experience and we are definitely planning on doing it again next year. We worked hard and got a lot done. It felt good to know that our kids were learning how to help others and also know that what we were doing was going to help kids thousands of miles away.

I was in a Republican Party planning meeting this week. My big mouth is why I would never make it as an actual candidate. During the meeting someone was talking about how the immigration issue is really ticking people off. I had talked to a voter on the phone earlier that week who was upset with Republicans. And I had tried to explain to him that our Senator Talent who was running for re-election is on the right side of this issue. He voted against the current senate immigration bill. So I said during the meeting don't blame Talent because Arlen Specter is an idiot. Everyone had smiles on their faces but no one said much. I almost said, "You all know you agree with me, what is the problem?" I don't know if there were moderates there or what but somehow they weren't used to someone being so blunt, I guess :-).

I wanted to post a pic of Ann Coulter's new book but *@#% blogger won't let me. But I am excited because its coming out tomorrow hot off the presses and I am planning on going to Sam's to get a copy.

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