Monday, June 12, 2006

The Annoying MSM

Toon Credit: Glenn McCoy

I know I've posted this cartoon before but it is so on target and worth re-posting. As I've said before my gym insists on leaving their TV's on local channels, ESPN and CNN. I've made 2 complaints but obviously I need to make more and I'm trying to convince my husband to complain also (even though he could care less whats on the TV's). Tonight on CNN Larry King actually did a whole program on Ann Coulter's supposed controversial statements. A whole program!!!!!!!! I just wanted to scream. Then ofcourse we need to proceed to the next hot topic for liberals--Haditha. There is definitely a reason why many have nicknamed CNN the Clinton News Network and the Communist News Network. No wonder liberals are so negative and pessimistic. If I watched CNN on a regular basis I think I'd be suicidal!!

Once again I'm behind on my KC Star newspapers so I've been trying to wade thru them. I come across the headline the day we found out about Zarqawi, "A Victory But How Big?" I just had to shake my head and laugh. A huge victory for Bush and the War on Terror and the liberal KC Star has to put a negative spin on it even in the headline.

I have some relatives who are left wing liberals and also some of the most pessimistic/negative people I've ever met. A lifetime of getting your news from MSM news sources will do that to you.

As I was thinking about this post I remembered my Carnival Cruises specifically for liberals and media people. If you are new and didn't read these posts take the time to check them out. They were very enjoyable to write. Psychos-R-Us Cruise #1 and Psychos-R-Us Cruise #2, and my other post on MSM liberal bias--Main Stream Media Bias--Stuck on Stupid.

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