Friday, May 05, 2006

War on Child Molesters

I watched part of Nancy Grace's show the other night. She was talking about how she and others had testified before Congress on the dangers of child pornography. A guest on the show said that the U.S. has declared a War on Terror and its time that we declare a War on Child Molesters. I agree!!

(This 13 yr. old girl is one of my new heroes!!)
Masha Allen is one of the people who testified in addition to Nancy Grace. This 13 yr. old girl is amazing. She was born in Russia to alcoholic parents. Her own mother tried to kill her by stabbing her when she was only 4. At age 5 she was adopted by a man who she thought came to rescue her. Instead this man was a pedophile who had adopted her solely so he could sexually abuse her and take pornographic pictures of her. She didn't have her own room or even her own bed. She was forced to sleep with the pedophile from the very first night. After living in this hell for 5 years she was rescued by police who arrested her adopted father on charges of child pornography.

Today she is trying to move on with her life after being adopted by a wonderful woman who is trying to help her heal. Seeing her testify I was so in awe of how well she was able to communicate the horrors that she experienced. She is a strong girl for being able to live through all of this and for then being willing to take a stand against these sickos.

For anyone out there who still believes child pornography is a victimless crime listen to Masha's story and then try to feed me that line.

Child Sexual Abuse is such a horrific crime that I think it should have the harshest of all penalties. Our society is going to have to start cracking down harder on pedophiles so we can have fewer victims. Otherwise you are going to see vigilante justice.

When I think of this subject I think of 2 excellent movies. "Sleepers" is a very difficult movie to watch but good nonetheless. It is a story of abuse suffered by 4 boys and how it altered their lives forever. They get justice in the end but the sad thing is they still suffer from the permanent scars of abuse from their childhood.

Also, "A Time To Kill" is a movie where a little girl is brutally raped and the father takes justice into his own hands. There was a chance the 2 rapists were going to get off on a technicality so the father shot them. The movie is about his trial. Again in my opinion justice is served in the end but it doesn't negate the tragedy. The tragedy of a little girl who is scarred for life physically and emotionally and will never be able to bear children because of the trauma.

I don't endorse vigilante justice but we need as a society to start providing more justice for these child victims. We've got to do a better job of protecting the most innocent among us.

What is going on with cracking down on these predators?

Great news was announced last night in that the senate passed the Child Protection Act. I guess O'Reilly (by exposing his obstruction on the show) helped light a fire under Ted Kennedy that it doesn't look good to oppose a bill that protects children.

Amazingly John Kerry has done something worth noting. He has introduced legislation to fight child porn and entitled it "Masha's Law".

We need to declare a War on Child Molesters and make sure justice is served against those who would harm our children.

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