Wednesday, May 03, 2006

TV Highlights


My kids and I watch Nashville Star. It is similar to American Idol except it is Country Music. Our favorite from about the 3rd episode was Chris Young. We were very excited tuesday night when he won in the season finale.


Last week's Alias was really good once again. Will (Bradley Cooper) did make a return appearance and it was great. He ofcourse got kidnapped again and Sydney (Jennifer Garner) had to save him. At the end of the show she is apologizing to Will for how she feels she's wrecked his life. By knowing her he continues to be in jeopardy of getting kidnapped and tortured. Here was his response (it made me cry):
"Yes, I've been tortured and I've been kidnapped, several times actually. And most likely none of that would've happened if I hadn't helped a clumsy girl pick up her books freshman year in bio class. But, its not your fault. You can't blame yourself for the evils of the world.

Look, since I've known you I've seen a lot of horrible things. There are people out there that are capable of more cruelty and more hatred than I even thought possible. But I still sleep well at night. You know why? Because I know you are out there fighting against them. Sydney, you save the world every day and you never ask for anything in return. I think I speak for everybody who loves you when I say thank-you for watching over us.

I was thinking about why that statement was so meaningful to me. Obviously, a big part of it is if you are a fan of Alias you love Sydney Bristow. And Will's friendship with her is such a special thing. But there is another reason why this statement was so awesome. This is what our soldiers do for us everyday. They put their lives on the line to protect us and they never ask for anything in return. We need to stand up like Will and tell them thank-you for watching over us.


24 continues to be an awesome show and hasn't lost any of its intensity. My favorite scene from this last episode was Chloe using a taser (twice) on this drunk guy who was bothering her while she was trying to help Jack in a crisis situation.

But I still am considering sending hate mail to Joel Surnow. Even though he's a conservative he's done some things to tick me off. As I've mentioned he's killed off Michelle, Tony and Palmer (3 of my very favorite characters). Then the other week they brought back Secretary of Defense Heller (William Devane). I was so excited because I love his character. Last season he was so great. He was tough but compassionate and reminded me so much of Donald Rumsfeld. They portrayed him in a very good light. Well, they bring him back to the show just to have him drive his car off a cliff. Aaaaaaaahhhh!! I am still holding out hope that he is alive since Sydney Bristow and her mother both survived a submerged car in Alias :-). See it helps to be an expert in various shows :-). A fellow blogger (LawHawk) who is a fan of both Alias and 24 was thinking the same thing when I brought it up on Blogs4Bauer. And check out this week's Carnival of Bauer of which this post is a part of :-)!!

These are my favorite lines of all time from Secretary Heller. He is talking to his son who is a major liberal, environmentalist nut. The son is going to a bash the President rally and Heller is trying to talk him out of it. These are my favorite lines from his rant:
"Spare me your 6th grade, Michael Moore logic. We serve the cause of freedom, what do you do?"

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