Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Things and People Who Irritate Me

How fitting for this post!!!!! I tried to put a different Calvin & Hobbes cartoon on here that totally went with this post. Blogger won't let me post it. Aaaaaaaaaahhh!!!!! So Blogger gets added to my irritating list!!!

I usually try to make my posts positive, encouraging and inspiring. But I don't have much time this week and I had a bunch of things going thru my mind today that I want to vent about. So I will make a list. You can let me know which ones you agree/disagree with and what your irritating things are as well. This will be therapy for all of us and we can get stuff off our chest :-)))!! I'll start.

Things and People Who Irritate Me

1) Dennis Hastert for joining Nancy Pelosi in complaining about the search of William Jefferson's congressional office by the FBI. Take a look at the evidence, this guy is guilty as sin. They've got him on videotape. He was stonewalling the investigation so they searched his office. Since when should Congress's office be immune from searches?

What is wrong with Hastert? I think it was Ron on Shane's blog that said what has Dennis Hastert ever done? I agree, he's a moderate with no backbone and this just ticks me off. We have to listen to Pelosi talk about the Culture of Corruption but Hastert buddies up with her to defend this guy.

2) William Jefferson for being corrupt and arrogant and refusing to resign.

3) CNN & Local News Channels--My gym has all their tvs set to CNN, local news channels and ESPN--Aaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! So when I'm doing cardio I'm forced to watch this drivel!!

4) John Murtha--Tonight when I was forced to watch CNN they called the Marine shooting controversy the Marine Massacre and Hathida Horrors (CNN isn't biased or anything) . And then Blitzer interviewed Murtha. I'm sorry but I despise this man. All the facts are not in about this incident and he smears our country and our military by talking about this with heated rhetoric. I've watched A&E documentaries on the torture inflicted on the Iraqis by Saddam and his two sons. You want to talk about horrors, why hasn't CNN ever talked about that brutality?

5) All the whining and temper tantrums about illegal immigration. I know this may offend some and I know this is everyone's hot button issue right now. But it's not mine and I'm sooooo tired of hearing about it.

6) Expandable Blogroll Codes --Poor Little Orange Fox is trying to help me with this but for some reason my blog is cursed and I can't get it to work. I know I'm technically-challenged but this is ridiculous!!

7) Laundry--Do you know how long it takes to do laundry for 6 people when you get way behind? Way toooooooo long!!!

8) John McCain--If you've even read my blog for just a short time you know how much I dislike this man. Troll made an awesome comment about what will happen if somehow we end up having to pick between Hillary & McCain: "I will need medics to carry me out of the polling booth if my party forces me to choose between Hillary and the Traitor McCain." I guarantee you will see that quote again when I do my post on why conservatives should just say no to McCain.

9) Harry Reid for trying to justify his money scandals while pointing his finger at Republicans.

I'm sure there are more but I'm tired and I will end here. I may add more as I think of them.

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