Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mel Gibson To Do Iraq War Drama

I love Mel Gibson!! There are so many awesome things about him. He's a Christian, he's a great actor, he's got the looks, he's a great director, he has stayed married to his wife and has like 7 kids and he's got the guts to stand up to the politically correct in our society. The way he handled getting the word out about "The Passion" was so awe inspiring. He knew the Hollywood liberals and the MSM were out to sabotage the movie, so he circumvented them. He marketed the movie in the Christian realm and shocked everyone with how successful it became. He took a gamble and won!!!!! How often does that happen? Not very often which is why it was so inspiring.

I'll quit doting on Mel and get to the point of this post. His production company is going to do an Iraq War Drama on the USA network. Here is the scoop:
USA Network has joined forces with Mel Gibson's production company to develop an Iraq war drama, the cable channel said Tuesday.

"Peace Out," from Gibson's Icon Prods. banner, is envisioned as a six-hour series that tells a fact-based story of two young American men who head out for adventure in Iraq after the fall of Baghdad.

The announcement was made during USA's "upfront" presentation to advertisers.

It will be nice to watch this knowing it is coming from an objective source that won't use it as an opportunity to bash our country and the President. I'll definitely be watching!!

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