Wednesday, May 10, 2006


(Warning: 24 Spoiler Alert!!)

24 and Prison Break both had me on the edge of my seat Monday night. I was so happy to be vindicated. Secretary Heller is alive--he pulled a Sydney Bristow!!!! I was right! Very cool.

V the K does these awesome Tivo blogging posts after every episode. His one this week on Blogs 4 Bauer was especially good. Go here to check it out!! These were my favorite lines:
"Weasel channels Phil Donahue. "I can live with gassing a bunch of people, framing Jack Bauer, almost getting you and the Russian president killed, and almost shooting down a plane full of innocent people... but I'm really sorry about hurting you."

Mary Todd offers him little comfort. "Well, on the plus side, Jimmy Carter must be glad that he's no longer the Worst President Ever."

(Republican candidate for Congress, Jim Feldkamp)

Patrick has a neat post on Oregon politics that is worth reading.

JimmyB posted a link to an awesome video that many fellow bloggers liked. Crazy and Shoprat also linked to it. It is a video by Penn and Teller entitled "Thats Just Stupid". It shows how ridiculous the 9/11 conspiracy theories are(Warning: Strong language). It is well worth seeing.

(Found this pic onWordsmith's blog)

Grey Ghost posted "Five Witnesses Say Joe Wilson Outed His Wife". Where is the MSM when it comes to reporting on this? Five witnesses who are willing to testify under oath that it was Joe Wilson not Scooter Libby who leaked his wife's identity. Wilson's response to this was: " no longer mattered who first outed his wife." Isn't that what all this hoopla was supposed to be about? I can't believe we have allowed these 2 liars to cause so much damage to our country and to Libby's life. Joe Wilson lies repeatedly but is made out to be a hero and Valerie Plame gets a book deal. Despicable!!!

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