Thursday, May 04, 2006

How the Republicans Can Win in '06


Rush made some really good points yesterday on his show. He said that "Republicans Shouldn't Run Away from Bush". I agree!! And he pointed to an article written by Fred Barnes in 1986. It was amazing the similarities in '86 with Republicans wanting to run away from Reagan because of Iran-Contra. Bill Kristol was one of the few at the time who thought they should defend Reagan and not run away from him. I would bet that today looking back at history a lot more conservatives would be inclined to agree with Kristol and not all the nay-sayers. And I think the same can be said today. I get pretty frustrated at the lack of loyalty and sticking power Republicans/Conservatives seem to have. As Rush says instead of retrieving our wounded from the battlefield we abandon them. And in my opinion that is just wrong.

I am willing to bet a lot that history will vindicate George W. Bush. Many have rightly compared him to Harry Truman. Bush like Truman sticks to his guns, does what is right and doesn't care about the polls. We shouldn't either!! Here is an excerpt from Rush's transcript that points out how history changed the view of Reagan:
"But look how time changes things. When you go back and you look at the totality of a period of time, I don't remember during the funeral week of Ronald Reagan, other than his son and maybe a couple Democrats, but even they were pretty quiet. I don't remember any of these conservatives stepping forward to remind everybody how effectiveless and worthless and pointless the last two or three years of Reagan's term were, do you?"

(Do we want this party in charge? Do we want to hear Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi in November? I think not!!)


Sean Hannity outlined a plan today for the Republicans to win in November. I think it is an awesome plan that is worth mentioning. I pray that Republicans take action on these because I think the American people would respond.

1) Remind the American People that we are the Party of National Defense.

2) Control Our Borders!!

3) Get back to Limited Government
--Cut spending and make the tax cuts permanent.

4) Lessen Our Dependance on Foreign Oil
--Eliminate the tax on Gas for the short term
--Drill in the U.S. starting with ANWAR
--Nuclear Power Plants
--Build New Refineries

5) Ask Yourself, What Would Reagan Do?

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