Monday, May 22, 2006

An Honest Discussion about Immigration, Republicans and Bush

The burning hot topic in the country and especially among strong conservatives right now is immigration. As most of you know I have strong opinions one way or the other on most topics. But for some reason I just haven't been able to get all fired up about the immigration issue. I've heard all the arguments and for the most part I agree with conservatives on this issue. But where I differ is I'm not angry at the President like so many seem to be. I understand his desire to be compassionate and I understand that the issue doesn't have simple solutions.

With that said I do think the time has come to start putting our foot down. I didn't think the President's speech was as tough as it could've been but I thought it was a good start. What I don't get is a point Rebecca brought up on another blog. Illegal immigration has been a huge problem for a long time. Why is it that Bush is getting blamed for the fact that neither Democrats or Republicans have done anything about this issue for years? The Democrats especially are pro-illegal immigrant and have done things trying to block getting tough on immigration. As this cartoon shows Ted Kennedy and his ilk pander to illegals in the hopes that once they do become legal they'll have a whole new voting block. Then we have the likes of Harry Reid telling us that if we want English as our main language we're racists. The Democrats are doing NOTHING on this issue and would like to see things stay the same if not cater more to illegals. How is it that they are getting a pass?

I agree that since Bush and the Republicans in Congress technically have the power in D.C. we should hold their feet to the fire. But I don't get this overwhelming anger, pessimism, cynicism and defeatism towards Bush and the Republicans. Its like getting ticked off that we have only passed a ban against partial birth abortion and not all abortions. So many are throwing temper tantrums because we aren't getting everything we want immediately. I'm not getting it.

I don't enjoy not being able to wholeheartedly jump on the bandwagon with Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham and others but I don't get the overwhelming anger. Michelle Malkin blasted Bill O'Reilly because he had similar sentiments to me about Bush's speech.

What I would like to know is what does all this anger accomplish? In some ways I think it has helped to communicate to those in Washington that we are serious about this issue. But on the other hand I hear people abandoning Bush and saying they won't be voting at all this fall or they will vote for Democrats. Okay, lets take a look at what that would look like. Do you really think the Democrats are going to be tougher on this issue than Republicans? There are some Conservative Republicans that are working hard to really make some progress in this area. Strip them of their power and we'll really be up a creek.

Saturday I was making phonecalls for the Missouri Republican party. I was asking past supporters if they would help volunteer or pledge their support for Jim Talent in the fall. I had one guy who said he wasn't happy with Republicans right now. I asked him why and we talked about it. He's mad that the Republicans won't stand up against the Democrats, etc... I told him I had been doing some research in this area and our real problem is the moderate/liberal Republicans that keep gumming up the works. I let him know that abandoning Talent who is a strong conservative doesn't make a whole lot of sense. We need to be supporting the conservatives and trying to weed the moderates and liberals out. Thats why Primaries are so crucial to be involved in. You have your say and make sure the conservative wins against the moderate.

Yes, we need to hold Republicans accountable but we need to put our energies somewhere that can make a difference. Are there any conservatives in the Democrat party? No!! The Republican party isn't perfect by any means but instead of abandoning it lets have our say and make it better. We need to vote more Tancredo's and Hayworth's in. Lets not throw out the baby with the bath water.

Cartoon Credit: Glenn McCoy

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