Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

The first 2 years of our marriage my husband didn't "get" the present thing. For those of you who are married (wife or husband) you probably know what I mean by that. Presents aren't important to my husband so he assumed they weren't to me. BIG Mistake :-). If you've ever read Gary Chapman's "Five Love Languages" gifts are some people's love language and it is definitely one of mine. Don't get me wrong I don't need lavish presents. We've never been awash in cash so they are usually smaller things but special or things I want.

Anyway all that to say my husband does AWESOME in that department now. He is very sweet and takes all the kids shopping to pick things out for me that they know I want. My 11 yr. old daughter is becoming a pro in knowing her mom's likes and dislikes. So then the question is what did I get today :-)? My youngest daughter and son (Harley & Matthew) got me some new workout clothes. My oldest daughter(Monica) got me the 1st season of 24--woohoo!! And my oldest son (Calvin) got me the DVD "The Great Raid". The movie I listed on my Christmas letter as the best movie of 2005.

So that started my morning off great. And then I called my mom and we had a good talk. After church involved going over to some relatives' house which isn't my favorite activity (very long story) but we don't always get everything we want :-). Tonight my husband is taking us out to Ruby Tuesday's so all in all its been a pretty great day.

So Happy Mother's Day out there to all my blogging friends who are Moms!!

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