Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Terri Schiavo's Legacy


One year ago this past friday Terri died. It was a very sad day for me and for many others. But as in all tragedies you look for the silver lining and what good can come from it. My very first posts were about Terri because I felt so passionate about this case. One of them was entitled "Heroes". There were a lot of people associated with Terri that I was very upset with but there were also a lot of heroes too. And I decided to focus on the heroes. The main heroes were her parents and brother and sister who fought tirelessly for her.

The Schindlers have written a book entitled "A Life That Matters: The Legacy of Terri Schiavo". Blogs for Terri has a short description of the book and here is an excerpt:
"A LIFE THAT MATTERS separates lies from truth, myth from facts, and politics from people. It challenges us to hear the words and feel the emotions of the warm, intensely private family who never sought the media storm that accosted them, or the devastating legal battle that broke their hearts. The book asks us what we would do if we found ourselves, as the Schindlers did, wanting nothing more than to love and care for a daughter as long as she could live."

If you haven't studied this case or even if you have I would encourage all to get this book. I want to read it but I also want to buy it to help make a statement. Life is valuable and worth fighting for.

John Adams once said "...no effort in favor of virtue is lost." I love that quote because if you fight for something that is right, regardless of the outcome, it wasn't in vain. I was so proud of the family but especially Bobby Schindler. Terri must be in heaven beaming with pride over what an awesome brother God gave her. He fought for her with passion and when you compare him to Michael Schiavo there is a huge contrast. Terri may not have picked a husband well but God blessed her with a great family. And they are still fighting for the cause of life and thus giving Terri a legacy of saving the lives of others.

I must also commend the Bush Brothers. Jeb Bush and George W. Bush both made statements supporting the family and they both did what was in their power to help her. Liberals screamed about how this was going to hurt both Bush's politically. #1--I disagreed with that but #2--I was so proud that they would do what was right no matter what the political consequences. That is what leaders of integrity do and I was never so proud of both of them.

So what good has come out of this? We watched people like the Schindlers, the Bushs and many others inspire us to fight for life and for what is right. Many more are now aware of the value of life. Our culture is becoming a death culture with abortion and euthanasia so it is always encouraging to be reminded of the importance of life.

And the next time you fight for a just cause and lose just remember "...no effort in favor of virtue is lost."

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