Friday, April 07, 2006

Moonbat Women

I must say that I was less than thrilled when I heard that Katie Couric was getting the top anchor job at CBS. Even though most of the MSM was hyper-ventilating over this news there were others that joined me. To be honest I wish I could be happy. A woman getting the top anchor job is a big deal but I wish it was someone that I liked and respected.

I have 2 problems with Katie Couric. #1--She has an extreme dislike of conservatives and she doesn't attempt to hide it. I will never forget how in 1998 she attempted to blame organizations like Focus on the Family for the murder of Matthew Shepard. Here is what Focus had to say about it:
"When Katie Couric took to the air in the days after Matthew Shepard's tragic murder to suggest that groups like Focus on the Family were somehow responsible for the killing, it was religion-baiting at its worst," said Don Hodel, president of Focus on the Family. "There never was any evidence to support her outrageous implications -- in fact, there now seems to be evidence contradicting them.

To suggest that the scriptural standard on homosexuality leads to murder was unconscionable then -- and it's all the more unconscionable now in light of the revelations of ABC's report."

And the ironic thing is that as Focus alludes in this statement ABC did a show in 2004 that showed Shepard wasn't even killed as a result of a gay hate crime. Talk about jumping to conclusions. First, she jumped to the conclusion that he was killed as a result of a hate crime. And second she blamed Christian organizations for inciting violence when linking the two is completely ludicrous.

2--I have a good friend whose husband (who is a liberal) works for an NBC affiliate. When I asked her to articulate for me what his thoughts about Couric were she said they would all involve words that I wouldn't be able to post :-). She has shared with me that everybody in the media spotlight has 2 faces. But Katie Couric's TV face and her off camera face are dramatically different; much more than with most. During commercials the live camera feed keeps running via satellite to the affiliates, even though the audience can only see the commercials running. In other words, NBC employees still see what she's doing during commercial breaks because of this live feed. The second the “on-air” light goes off, she goes from being smiley faced for the camera to screaming and cursing at people for the smallest things. She is nasty and mean to those that she works with unless they have the power to fire her. That doesn't instill a whole of respect and admiration. I'm aware that power corrupts but how you treat people is something that should just be common decency.

I know the Cynthia McKinney story is all over the place. There isn't a whole lot left to say about it (that hasn't already been said) but I wanted to add my 2 cents. McKinney is no stranger to controversy. In 1993 she had an altercation with the U.S. Capitol Police. She refused to wear her security pin identifying her as a member of Congress. Since then there have been FOUR more incidents with the Capitol Police. They have had to post her picture because she refuses to wear her security pin. How irrational is that? There are hundreds of members of Congress and they are supposed to remember her because she's more important than everyone else. And that gives her the right to assault someone who is there to protect her.

She is then so arrogant that she can't accept responsibility. She has to play the race card and attack these honorable men and women who risk their lives everyday to protect her. It is despicable. Her non-apology today demonstrated how she still refuses to accept any responsibility for her bad behavior. Since she has had 5 altercations with the Capitol Police I would hope she will suffer some consequences this time around. She has lost re-election in the past. One can only hope that the good people of Georgia will be smart enough to kick her out of Washington for good.

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