Friday, April 14, 2006

LMC's Smorgasbord


Suzie, our fellow blogger and crusader to protect children has taken a task and run with it. A World Net Daily article entitled "Google hosts 'boy love' site" revealed that there are blogs that promote the quote man/boy love relationships. Stacy Harp, a family therapist and owner of a company entitled Active Christian Media has been trying to contact Google (who owns Blogger) about removing these pedophile sites but Google hasn't been very responsive. Fox News and others have interviewed her about this. To see the Fox News video of her interview go to Crazy's Blog.

Action to take:

First, I went on all the links and flagged these blogs. I refuse to put these sick links on my blog so for the complete list go to Jessie's blog.

Second, I cut and pasted the list of blogs and sent an email to blogger about my thoughts on them hosting these blogs. Their email address is:

There are additional steps you can take and many have posted on them. Here are some of the bloggers who have posted on it and what they are doing about it:

Suzie-BEWARE Pedophiles, Child Molesters-The Blog World is Watching
Mahndisa-Suzie's Letter
Jessie-Perverts and Pedophiles Stop Them Now
Kender Musings-Blogger Hosting Boy Love Site
Jay-Stop The ACLU-Blogger Hosting Boy Love Site
Crazy Politics-Pedophile Blogger Tries to Bite Back
Lilo-Alice Day and Pedo Blogs
The Great Separation-Pedophiles, Google-
A Deputy Sheriff’s Take

Okay, on to other more pleasant topics like Jack Bauer killing terrorists :-). Kiefer Sutherland is now the $40 Million dollar man because he has just signed a contract to play Jack Bauer for 3 more seasons on 24. Woo-hoo!! Also, Joel Surnow (the executive producer of 24) was on Rush's show recently for an interview. He revealed that there will be a 24 movie but it probably won't come out until 2008.

I have a love/hate relationship with Joel Surnow right now. Ofcourse I love him for doing 24 but he has done some things to tick me off. First of all in this year alone he has killed off 3 of my favorite characters (Palmer,Tony & Michelle). Then I started watching one of his other shows "La Femme Nikita". The show had a lot of potential but he totally wrecked it by some of the things he had happen. I finally gave up and had to abandon the show in frustration.

Boy, did I feel vindicated last night. I heard Big Lib Juan Williams admitting on Brit Hume's show that Patrick Fitzgerald is having some problems. I can't remember exactly what he said but it was something along the lines of Fitzgerald not getting his facts straight more than once. Espella posts on this in detail. I had posted back in October on how mad I was about Fitzgerald's self righteous speech on indicting Scooter Libby in my post entitled I'm Seeing Red Today!! It was nauseating listening to Chuck Schumer talk about how honorable Fitzgerald was and how fair and objective he was. The libs were singing his praises but his speech alone did not sit right with me. It will be interesting to see how this all pans out.

I've been meaning to do an in-depth post on France and their issues. But I think these cartoons say it all. Socialism doesn't work!! If you are a lib who believes in Socialism move to France and see how well things work out for you. Me, I'll stay here and thrive in my wonderful capitalistic country where hard work pays off.

Glenn McCoy
Cox & Forkum

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