Friday, March 24, 2006

"Things That Make You Go Hmmm.."

Hat tip: Wayne Stayskal

Okay, what initially made me think of that song? Hillary's recent statements inspired this post. I looked up the lyrics to the song and the only good part of it is the title :-)!! So we'll just stick with that.

#1--A direct quote from Hillary: "My understanding of the Scriptures...." Okay, I was laughing so hard I didn't hear anything else she said after that. She was talking about immigration. This would definitely qualify to be one of O'Reilly's most ridiculous items of the day.

Hat tip: Cox & Forkum

#2--Anti-War Peace Activists who are freed by brave American soldiers but don't even thank them. Talk about spitting in the faces of the very people who sacrificed their own lives to save your butt!!!

I just found out that they finally apologized after all the noise that was made but there was a big But... that followed the lame apology. Michelle Malkin posted on this.


#3--The NY Times continuing to publish things that aren't accurate.


#4--Helen Thomas refuses to bless us with her retirement and continues to ask inane questions.

Bloviating Zeppelin's post

#5--Charlie Sheen has now entered the Twilight Zone. He appears to be a part of the kook left-wing with his theories about 9/11.

Grey Ghost

Hat Tip: Glenn McCoy

#6--Liberal Media admitting their hatred of Bush.


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