Friday, March 31, 2006

My 100th Trip to the ER

When I was growing up somehow my brothers and I never had a trip to the ER. With my kids, no such luck. Between all 4 of them I've had my fair share of trips and I feel like I'm a pro at it now. My youngest son has developmental delays which includes coordination problems so he's fallen in the wrong place several times and has also stuck a lite brite up his nose. My youngest daughter has broken her finger by jumping on my bed, broken her arm riding her bike down a hill and had a bad toe as a result of her brother dropping the couch on it. My oldest daughter is by no means a daredevil but somehow she has managed to make a couple trips as well. My oldest son (Calvin) has only been once so I guess it was his turn last night.

He was tilting his chair forward and the chair gave way and he hit his chin on the computer desk. Being the compassionate, kind mother that I am, I am reminding him how many times I've told him not to do that with his chair. Then we saw the blood and I figured it was time to stop the lectures. It turns out that his tooth somehow cut through his mouth between his chin and his lip. When I realized there was a cut all the way through I felt sick. It wasn't a big cut so the bleeding stopped pretty quickly and he wasn't in pain. Nevertheless we still had to go to the ER at 10:30 at night.

Not to be mean but have you ever paid attention to the majority of the people that end up in the ER? I don't know if its the area we live in but most of them could score really high on Patrick's White Trash test. You usually have to wait 2-3 hours so you see all kinds of "interesting" people coming through.

The guy nurse that checked us in was hilarious. He had a nice big tattoo on his arm. He examined Calvin's wound and said "Nice!!" like he was impressed. Then he asked Calvin if he had any medical history and starts asking him things like: "Ever have a heart attack, stroke, cancer, etc.?" It was pretty funny.

Then Calvin cracked me up with the things he was saying to me while we waited. He remembered a story that his grandma (my mom) had told him about an accident that Grandpa had had when he was tilting his chair. I had never heard this story and was asking him about it. I said, "Did Grandma tell you this one time when you were tilting your chair?" He said yes and I should've listened to her. LOL--I was cracking up. Then he tells me that his sunday school teacher has also told him some horror story about what happens when you tilt your chair. Lets see-- your mom, grandmother, sunday school teacher all tell you not to tilt your chair but somehow thats not enough warning :-). You have to find out for yourself.

Then he starts talking about how fun it is to tilt his chair and why does everything that is fun have to be dangerous like jumping on the bed? I'm so cracking up. The wisdom of boys.

He was very brave during the stitches and the nurse was impressed. He predicted he would get 3 stitches and thats what he got. The Dr. told me this actually is pretty easy to do and pretty common. Learn something new every day.

All that to say he's doing fine but I lost quite a bit of time at the ER. Today I was supposed to do my post on Terri Schiavo since it is the 1 yr. anniversary but I will do the post justice and work on it tonight and post it tomorrow.

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