Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Moonbat Men

I can not even begin to tell you how I feel just seeing a picture of Michael Schiavo. On the anniversary week of his wife's death (that he caused) he is giving his side of the story to sympathetic ears in the media. It is interesting to me that Fox News is the only one interested in Terri's family's side of the story. All the other media outlets are interested in Michael's side of the story. How typical is that!!

Alec Baldwin has a major problem having an honest debate. Sean Hannity has repeatedly asked him to be on his show and Baldwin is too afraid to make an appearance. Baldwin was invited to be a co-host on Brian Whitman's show sunday night. So Sean Hannity decided to call in. He had some legitimate questions for Baldwin that no one in the MSM has enough guts to call him on. Baldwin advocated stoning Henry Hyde on national tv during Clinton's impeachment. He has called Cheney a terrorist and has called Bush a mass murderer. Those are all violent and unfair attacks that he has never been called to task on. Hannity wanted to ask him about these statements and Baldwin immediately launched into a personal attack. In a typical, elitist, Hollywood way he tried to demean Hannity by saying he had no talent and should go back to Construction work. Hannity has the 2nd most listened to radio show in the U.S. so the "no talent" attack rings a little hollow.

Now granted Mark Levin called in too and launched into his over the top attacks (that he is so well known for) against Baldwin. But still, Baldwin couldn't take the heat of the debate and literally stormed out of the radio studio. Baldwin has always struck me as one of the most mean-spirited of all the hollywood activists. I think this is another strike against him. If he is this thin-skinned then he shouldn't be running around attacking our President and Vice President during a time of war. Fellow Blogger, Mark has his own take on this.

Sean Penn reportedly has an Ann Coulter doll that he tortures.
I think Penn might have some anger issues among other things. I just always remember how upset he got over the "South Park" creators depiction of him in the movie "Team America". He can bash the U.S. and the President but he can't take the heat when he is criticized. Ann Coulter speaks the truth about him and the issues and he needs to get a doll of her to torture. I don't think the elevator goes all the way to the top floor.

I really loved a lot of the puppet depictions on "Team America". It did a great job of showing how narcissistic a lot of the Hollywood activists are. And that would include Baldwin and Penn. But there was one really over the top crude scene at the end that ruined the movie for me.

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