Monday, March 27, 2006

LMC's Smorgasbord

I didn't get a chance to blog this weekend because I was working hard on my house. I've kept it clean for over a week now--Woohoo!! :-)

Last weekend FX had a "Prison Break" marathon leading up to starting to air the new episodes of the series last monday. I finally got around to watching them this weekend while doing tons of laundry. It is an awesome show. If you liked the movie "Shawshank Redemption" you will like this. A lot of people including Wyatt were telling me it was a good show and they were right.

I actually found an article in the KC Star that I liked. A brother and sister both joined the Army at the same time. I thought that was pretty cool and the article even portrayed it as a good thing and talked about how proud their parents were. It was inspiring to me.

My kids and I listen to a Christian radio program in the car called "Adventures in Odyssey". We get the CD's of the show from the library and have listened to them in order. I really like them and they are entertaining enough for small children to adults. They teach really good moral lessons without being legalistic. A lot of times Christian kids' shows are cheesy or unrealistic. Odyssey is not like that at all and my kids and I have really gotten a lot out of it. This weekend there was a great storyline that extended over many of the episodes. It was so good we had to bring the CD into the house when we got home and listen to the ending. It was an intense storyline and one of the characters was supposed to have died. I've definitely seen too many Alias and 24 episodes because I figured out the guy wasn't really dead even though my kids were shocked.

Some of you may have noticed my template is different. KC, a fellow blogger, was gracious enough to widen my posting space for me and I am very appreciative. Thanks KC!!!

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