Sunday, March 05, 2006

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Is this pink button cool or what? The guy that runs the awesome website Aeon Web (New Media Resources for Conservatives) not only links to me but made this great button for my link on his site. I felt honored when I was one of the first blogs that he linked to and then he made this great button. So thanks to Hans at Aeon Web for making my day. And if you haven't checked out his great website yet, you need to. He always has great stuff and while you're there check out the pink button on the left sidebar :-).

I also got to be in Blogs 4 Bauer's first Carnival of Bauer. They linked to my "Why I love 24" post so I will forgive RFTR for his sarcastic comment about it being touching :-).

HERO OF THE WEEK: 16 yr. old Sean Allen
For being willing to stand up and expose a liberal teacher's left-wing propaganda. The more Sean Allens there are and the more hope I will have for the future of this country!!

One of my favorite men was in Kansas City this week. Donald Rumsfeld spoke at the Truman Museum & Library on thursday. One of the articles in the KC Star had this to say about him: "Rumsfeld has angered detractors and charmed admirers with his straight talk." I think that is true because you either love Rumsfeld or you hate him like Ann & Rush he gives it to you straight and thats what I love about him.

Unfortunately there were only 200 invited guests and alas I wasn't one of them. But he had some great things to say. He talked about how tough Truman was in fighting the cold war. And how there were skeptics then about democracies in Japan and Europe but they happened. And the cold war lasted for 40 years but it was worth fighting just like the war on terror. Here is an excerpt from an article about what he said:
"Rumsfeld was correct, however, in characterizing the unpopular sentiments – at home and abroad – that Truman met in his early fight what he saw as a growing Red menace, said Truman Museum archivist Randy Sowell.

“There was a lot of resistance” to the Truman Doctrine unveiled in March 1947, which initially lent U.S. aid against Communist insurgencies in Greece and Turkey, Sowell said. “There were public concerns about U.S. meddling in global affairs. Isolationism didn’t just disappear with World War II.”
“Our country was tired after the Second World War,” Rumsfeld said in the speech. “Strong strains of isolationism still persisted.”

And yet, he said, the leaders of both parties “tended to get the big things right. They understood that war had been declared on our country – on the free world – whether we liked it or not. And that we had to steel ourselves against an expansionist enemy, the Soviet Union, that was determined to destroy our way of life.”

Rumsfeld proclaimed his admiration for Truman early in his speech, and he underscored his interest in a lingering 90-minute tour of the library and museum where the president spent much of his final years."

There have been a lot of comparisons of George W. Bush to Truman and I think rightly so. Truman was one of the first presidents I studied and I think very highly of him. That was back when there were more Democrats that actually cared about national security. Truman didn't care about polls and did what was right like W. I've been to this museum several times and it is a neat place.

Suzie did a very important post on The Child Safety Act. Go to her site and find out all the important details. Please take a couple minutes out of your day to contact your elected officials about this important bill.

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