Monday, March 06, 2006

La Femme Nikita and other Highlights

A friend of mine told me about this awesome lady named Billie who does great reviews of Cult tv shows and Scifi shows. She reviews shows like "Lost", "Battlestar Galactica", "Alias" and others. My friend said that she had mentioned that if you like "Alias" you might also like "La Femme Nikita". Since I love Alias I figured it was worth checking out and then I found out Joel Surnow (the executive producer of "24") also worked on it. By then I was sold.

My friend and I decided to watch it "sort of" together since we live in different states. And another friend said she'd try to watch it too. So we thought it would be fun to watch it at similar times and be able to talk about it. I watched the first 3 episodes and I'm hooked. It is similar to Alias but different. And if you've ever watched the movie "Point of No Return" with Bridget Fonda it has the exact same premise. But "Point of No Return" was sad whereas this series has a lot of hope and excitement to it.

On to other highlights:
Lone Pony posted about Governor Rounds signing the South Dakota abortion ban today and talked about how Mississippi is in the process of doing the same thing. It is very exciting news!! I have also been thinking a lot recently about everyone bringing up the ban not having the rape/incest exceptions. I may be in the minority but I just don't get it. Does a baby suddenly stop being a baby because I've been raped or molested? The baby doesn't deserve to be murdered because of a criminal act by someone else. I understand the mental anguish for the woman in carrying a baby from such a conception. But I think it would bring more psychological damage to get an abortion than to carry the child. I understand carrying the baby and giving it up for adoption but not killing the baby. So I guess I can't personally agree to supporting those exceptions.

Texas Fred, Abfreedom and Sparks from the Anvil all posted about how Psycho Fred Phelps and his hate group disguised as a church are picketing Soldiers' funerals. The original article said that it was Westboro Church doing the picketing and I did a quick google search and sure enough Fred Phelps is the pastor of the Church. Fred Phelps is someone I just don't get. He thinks God hates homosexuals and all sorts of other people. Picketing at anyone's funeral to make some kind of hate statement is beyond despicable. I abhor his message no matter where it would be given but to be given at a funeral while people are grieving is beyond heartless.

I still remember a group like this in Chicago. I was a student at Moody Bible Institute and a group of us walked past them walking around with signs and screaming out messages. Their signs said "God hates fags" or something similar to that and other people that God supposedly hated. I was so upset that I went up and confronted them. I told them that they were driving people away from God not to Him with their message. Their response was that Jesus confronted the Pharisees with strong messages. I pointed out how they were missing a fundamental point. The Pharisees had religion without love and faith and they needed to be confronted harshly. When it came to sinners Jesus always showed them unconditional love and he spent time with them and showed them He cared.

I still haven't had time to do a thorough post on the Ports deal. But I thought this cartoon was good and points out the ridiculousness of the Clintons. Give me a break!! Are we really supposed to believe Hillary didn't know Bill was working to make this deal happen? One of the things about the Clintons that really bothers me is how stupid they must think the American people are. The lines they feed us and expect us to believe are beyond ridiculous.

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