Monday, March 13, 2006

"The Good, The Bad and The Ugly"

I don't know why but I love this phrase that was the title of one of Clint Eastwood's movies. It seems to sum things up pretty well. Wyatt does a post once a week on people he hates. I have to admit they usually make me laugh and I find myself nodding in agreement. But since this is a Conservative Christian blog I figured I better come up with something a little less harsh. Thus this title will let me talk about the people I like AND dislike :-).

1)Dick Morris made my night tonight by talking to Bill O'Reilly about McCain. He said there is absolutely no way that McCain will get the Republican nomination for 2008. I could've kissed Morris for saying that. I've been getting nervous with so many people talking about McCain being the frontrunner. Rush was even pointing out today that he is "courting the conservative intelligentsia". I was talking to my friend from the Missouri Republican party though and she doesn't think he has a chance either. We'll see. More about McCain in the bad and ugly section.

2)George W. Bush has been getting pummeled non-stop by criticism from all sides. He is not perfect but he also doesn't deserve 80% of the criticism that comes his way. I am planning on doing a post in the near future listing all the awesome things he has done for this country as a reminder for all the naysayers. Foremost of all is the fact that we have not had a terrorist attack in the U.S. since 9-11. Who would've thought that possible in the days after 9-11?

3)Bill Kristol made my morning on Fox News Sunday yesterday. I love Kristol's passion. Either I love what he has to say (if I agree with him) or I get upset if I disagree with him because he is so expressive when sharing his opinions. I agreed with him yesterday and was proud of him. He was pointing out that the sabotaging of the Port deal was Congress reacting to the fears and the ignorance of the American people. And he said it well.

4)My friend has started a new blog entitled "I Read So You Don't Have To". I love it. She reads a lot so thought she'd post helpful reviews (some serious, some funny) on books and TV/movies. She gives talking points on each book so you can try to look intelligent while at social functions even if you haven't read the books. This reminded me so much of the movie "Born Yesterday" with Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson. Johnson plays a guy that is supposed to smarten Melanie up. He gives her these all-purpose lines to use at dinner parties so she'll look like she knows what she's talking about even though she isn't very knowledgeable. Exactly what I needed since I find myself not having time to read as many books lately as I would like. I'm going to put her blogsite in my sidebar under non-political blogs.

The Bad and The Ugly:
1)Russ Feingold thinks he has a prayer at the democratic nomination and thus is sucking up to the hard-core leftwing loonies of his party. He is jumping on the Bush-bashing bandwagon and wants to censure Bush for so-called "domestic spying". Rush brought up that since Hillary is trying to play to the center Feingold thinks he can woo the left-wing base. Maybe Hollywood actors who tell Hillary that she can kiss their butt will buy into his political posturing.

2)Harry Reid for being annoying and boring. As I was listening to clips of him talking today it struck me how boring and un-charismatic he is. He was Tom Daschle's replacement and he definitely wasn't an improvement. Same boring manner and same hateful, untrue rhetoric about Republicans.

3)The anti-war protestors at Walter Reed have no class. If you want to protest that is fine but not at a hospital where soldiers are recovering from serious injuries. I linked to CJ from "A Soldier's Perspective" because he was courageous enough to confront these protestors.

4)John McCain was trying to make excuses for why he didn't do well in this past weekend's straw poll. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Over my dead body will this man get the Republican nomination for 2008. Not if I have anything to say about it. I will have to do a post in the future on all the reasons why McCain is a RINO.
McCain pic courtesy of Rush Limbaugh's website.

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