Saturday, March 18, 2006

Fun Post

Okay, 2 serious posts in a row, time for some fun. As I've mentioned before I'm hooked on the show LaFemme Nikita. I've decided after getting hooked on these cult tv shows only to be tormented that a woman needs to be in charge of these series. These men set it up so there are 2 main characters that are destined to be together but then they torment you by not having them get together. Very frustrating!! Then, I'm just at the part in the series where they are going to have Nikita and Michael finally get together and Blockbuster sends me the wrong disc. Aaaaaaaaaahhh!! Anyway, all that to say this is a pic of Roy Dupuis and he is one of the main characters in Nikita. He is hot so I've decided I don't want to know what his politics are :-))).

Juanita had these fun quizzes over at her blog and I loved them.

You scored as Yellow. Your heart is yellow. You are very fun loving and you\'re the life and soul of the party. Some people may call you childish, but they\'re boring and should be shot! Be happy to be happy and don\'t change for anyone. Oh wow, I'm very proud of you *sniffles*. This is my first quiz so bite me...



















~What colour is your heart?~
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You scored as Charlies Angels. You are a kick ass girl! You and your friends are intimidating!

Charlies Angels


The Notebook


A Cinderella Story


Legally Blonde


Mean Girls


What Chick Flick is just like Your Life?
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Good News!!:

So far John Roberts seems to be doing a good job as Supreme Court Justice. "A New Day at the Court" quoted Jay Sekulow saying this:
"I think that Justice Alito's addition is very important, but it's too early to tell about his effect. But Chief Justice John Roberts is going to be able to bring along others to his viewpoint. He's an incremental kind of justice, and I think at the end of the day that's going to serve the country very well."

This article put a smile on my face:
"Poll: Republicans Are Happier Than Democrats
The Pew Research Center recently updated a question about happiness that the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago has been asking since 1972.

In every asking of the question, ROLL CALL reports, Republicans have been happier than Democrats.

Republicans tend to be better off than Democrats, and that is one explanation for the happiness gap. But when the researchers controlled for household income, Republicans at all income levels were happier than Democrats at those same income levels.

As for ideology, conservative Republicans were happier than conservative Democrats, and moderate to liberal Republicans were happier than comparable Democrats."

Sounds about right to me!!! My liberal in-laws are the most pessimistic people I know!!

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