Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Despicable Judge #2--John Connor

I don't always agree with Bill O'Reilly. But I can't tell you how proud I am of him for going after child predators and those that won't hold them accountable. It seems that these psycho judges are becoming more and more common. I posted on Judge Cashman back in January. He was the first despicable judge to be highlighted. Why was he despicable? Because he gave an admitted child rapist 60 days in jail.

Now we have Judge John A. Connor , a Franklin County judge in Columbus, Ohio, who gave an admitted child rapist probation!! Can you believe that?? The innocent children of Ohio are worth so little that a man can repeatedly rape little boys and his only consequence is probation. Andrew Selva is the child rapist and he repeatedly raped 2 little boys over a 3 yr. period. Can you imagine how horrific that must've been for them? And Connor decided to give Selva 5 yrs. of probation. I literally cannot fathom or comprehend how this is possible.

Connor's defense was that psychologists said that Selva was treatable. Do you really think that a man who repeatedly rapes little children can ever be normal again and not re-offend? That is ludicrous.

Our society needs to really re-think what our priorities are. If a rape of a child doesn't deserve prison time I don't know what crime does. I think rape is worse or at least equivalent to murder. When you rape a child you take part in destroying part of their soul and our justice system needs to reflect that.

Bill O'Reilly is on a campaign to make sure child predators are stopped and we all need to join him. So what can we do?? We can start by getting rid of John Connor. What do we know about Connor? Here is a little of what O'Reilly dug up on him:
"Judge Conner has been arrested eight times for D-U-I and has been convicted three times for D-U-I. What's really important here is going back to the Selva case, when he compares Andrew Selva's disease of being a sexual predator to his own disease of being an alcoholic. The first thing is we have received a number of calls from members of AA who are completely offended and angered by that decision. What's really important here is when Conner goes on to say ‘I don't think prison would have helped, only for revenge. I believe that Judge Conner has clearly demonstrated that he no longer has the ability to remain impartial on the bench and give just sentences. He clearly has no concern about punishments or protecting the community."

The other shocker is that Connor is a democrat. I hate to be partisan on an issue like this but liberals seem to more concerned with the rights of predators than the rights of innocent children.

You can start by contacting Ohio Governor Bob Taft on your feelings about this judge. And the good news is he is already listening to those who have contacted him and he has released this statement. The other good news is the Ohio Legislature is moving to get rid of this judge. If you live in Ohio you can also sign a petition. For more info go here.

Suzie has done several awesome posts on this that I will list in my sources.

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