Friday, December 09, 2005

News Rundown

Once a week or so I will probably do a news rundown since too many articles
accumulate that are worth mentioning. The first one is about Mel Gibson's possible new project. As some of you know I am a huge fan of Mel Gibson for many reasons. Braveheart is my favorite movie of all time so I love the Braveheart pictures :-). Anyway, he may be doing a new miniseries on the Holocaust. I can't wait. Because if he has anything to do with it, it will be awesome.

That was my good news. Now onto the other 3 articles that aren't so good. The next one is the rumor that Rumsfeld might leave and that Lieberman would be a good replacement. I can't tell you how much I am repulsed by that thought. As per my post earlier this week I love Rumsfeld and have a lot of respect for him and don't think anyone could do the job near as good as him. And even with that said there are a million people I would pick before Lieberman. I give Lieberman credit for standing up to his own party but thats about where my respect for him ends. You have to be a lot tougher and more conservative than Lieberman to be Secretary of Defense in my opinion. Thank goodness Rumsfeld has already spoken up and said he isn't leaving. Thank God!!

Next is an issue that just irritates me. Joseph Farah is the editor of World Net Daily. I love the website and go there every day for my news. But Farah is an extremist in my opinion. During the 2004 election he upset me numerous times by bashing Bush for not being conservative enough. Here I was working my butt off campaigning for Bush and we had people from our own side actively working against him. He wrote at least one editorial describing why he wouldn't be voting for Bush. It was so disheartening to me because who was he going to vote for that would be better? And in the process he was influencing a lot of people. Anyway, all that to say he has done something that has irritated me again. He is being very critical of W for saying Happy Holidays on the Whitehouse Christmas card instead of Merry Christmas. Give me a break. Do we not have better things to do with our time instead of being so petty? I personally am just very excited to get a Christmas card from the White House each year. Tony Snow was talking about it on his show and was saying how ridiculous it was. It has been the standard of the White House to say Happy Holidays in their cards for many years. I know we are trying to take back Christmas from the ACLU types and I support that but this is a little too much. Relax people.

The last article is more than annoying, it is upsetting. One of my GMWAS award winners is at it again. Michael Schiavo is starting a PAC (Political Action Committee)with Terri's name on it to help liberals get elected. Can we drag Terri's name and memory thru the mud anymore? What another slap in the face to her parents. One can only imagine that she is rolling over in her grave that her name is being used against the very people who wanted to save her life.


Eddie said...


You campaigned for Bush? I did too, in Wisconsin (even though we lost because we have too many tree huggers here in the People's Republic of Madison).

In the end, though, his opinion didn't really matter. I loved campaigning for Bush when I went to targeted home visits because people were so SERIOUSLY appreciative of my efforts.

How was your experience?

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Eddie: It was awesome. I really enjoyed it. So much so that right now I'm considering putting my kids in private school next year to possibly get some kind of job in politics.

In the process of volunteering I got to meet a bunch of people too which was great. I got to see Bush speak (although he was far away). And I got to meet Dick & Lynn Cheney and Matt Blunt (who ended up becoming our Governor). It was fun connecting with people like you said and that is where you get the votes. The amazing thing was that there were so many of us grassroots Republicans that were all doing the same thing in different states, thats what made the huge difference when Bush won. In our county alone Bush had lost by 1 vote in 2000 against Gore and in 2004 he won by over 6,000 votes. It was great.

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

12 09 05

Hey Ms. Chatterbox: EXCELLENT post! I see BloZep gave us both a lesson in pics. I had been using that awful Hello software which only allows you to load one pic at a time, but he simplified it quite a bit didn't he? I don't want another celebrity governor unless it is Arnie. Because despite him pissing me off, he is trying to unite Californians now. Our economy has suffered and many are demoralized we need a uniter now. But Rob Reiner HELLLLLLL NO! And Mel Gibson, we will havta see about that! He seems like a nice guy, although being nice doesn't qualify anyone to be governor ya know? Have a good weekend. BTW the current post up now is humorous! ha!

TexasFred said...

"Rolling over in her grave.."

If she HAD a grave...

Didn't he have her cremated?? And wasn't there a huge battle over the ashes too??

I only hope she's looking down from heaven and smiling, and knowing that some folks DID, and STILL DO care about her...

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Texas Fred: Some great points.

Mahndisa: Yah, I don't see Gibson wanting to be Governor. And I think Schwarzenegger is doing a good job despite all the obstacles he's encountering.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

These days, there are Republicans and there are true Conservatives. I try not to confuse one with the other. I'm glad you guys got to experience your individual campaigns and that were both rewarding. That is very important.

Yes, Mel is considering a mini-series about the Holocaust. Certain fronts are already giving him crap on this project due to his father's views. That's how stretched various fronts are -- and how ridiculous.

With regard to Mahndisa's comments about Arnold -- I'm taking a wait and see attitude. He made some new appointments of SLWs (Standard Left Wingers) but -- I want to see his directives for 2006. He got slapped down recently. He WILL come back -- but HOW will he come back?

Reiner recently pulled out of possible Fornicalia gubernatorial consideration, this past week.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

One extra thought:

I recently sent off, through, for a new book which promises to school me up on the Blogger program. I find the current Blogger tutorials woefully inadequate and lacking in realistic information.

So I found, on the Blogger Dashboard under "recently added blogs" the new blog entitled "Blogger In A Snap."

This is a blog created as an adjunct to the book "Blogging In A Snap." So I sent off for the book and should get it next week some time.

Some of you folks already have fabulous blogs with flying flags and links broken down into various categories, advertisements, reference materials, site search engines, all sorts of really cool additions that make your site stand out amidst the other thousands of blogs.

When I get the book, I'll check it out and let you all know if it's worth the price and has any worthwhile and timely information for updating one's blog.

I'm an absolute computer idiot and freely admit it.

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Bloviating Zeppelin: Mel's father's views on the holocaust seem strange to me but thats not Mel's fault. It will be interesting.

I will be very interested to know if you learn anything helpful from the book. I too am very computer illiterate and am blindly trying to wade my way through this stuff.

Reiner has done some great movies but in my opinion his campaign (if he had run) would've been a joke.

Revka said...

Great post again! I need to make some time to update my blog. I just need the extra time.
Anyway, love mel too. I think his mini-series will be awesome! Rob Reiner is a brilliant creative type, but he is a dork when it comes to politics. FLAMING liberal.

On a more personal note: I am not sure what I will do when my youngest is old enough for private, which is about 3 years away. My husband wants me to relax and do things I want to do during the day.. NOT get a job unless i want to of course. I was thinkng GYM.. GO to the GYM.. and maybe work toward a writing career. I have always wanted to write. Of course nannette told me last night she thinks I should record my own album. Then told me I need to record myself singing the national anthem and she would give me the address as to where to send it. (She works with the Chiefs). I guess they professionaly record you, then you go out and lipsink it on game day. She said my voice would be a different variation than the 'norm'.. since it is unique. She said she is sick of hearing the same typical singing voice for the national anthem.
Who knows??
Sorry I got WAY OFF TOPIC!! Elijah just DEMOLISHED my bookshelf while I was typing. So, need to go!
See you!!

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

I agree with Nanette. You have such an awesome voice. I compare you to Susan Ashton and I love Susan Ashton. I would definitely send the national anthem into the Chiefs. Plus Nanette has connections so I'm sure you'd have a good shot at that. That would be cool.

I wish I had the luxury of sending my kids to private school and then deciding whether I wanted a job or not. My husband is hoping he'll make more money soon so I can do that but I think the odds are I'm going to have to work. I want to do some political job as you know but I'm worried about the pressure of having to make so much money for the kids to go to school. Like you said I would like to work on writing or the talk show thing :-) but we'll see.

Revka said...

Yes, MAYBE, we will get vouchers by next year??? I know Kansas has it in the works with our MOST AWESOME CONSERVATIVE SCHOOL BOARD. They just hired a guy by the name of CORKIN who heads up the board. EVERYONE in Lawrence HATES him! HE IS SUPER CONSERVATIVE and is campaigning for vouchers!!!
SO.. maybe my husband won't have to have the second job to pay for private school next year!!