Thursday, December 01, 2005

"Hillary Clinton Can Kiss My Butt"

Okay, 3 guesses which conservative said this. Guess what? It wasn't a conservative but our favorite left-leaning Hollywood Activist, Tim Robbins. I personally loved Robbins in "Shawshank Redemption" but other than that his activism has gotten pretty loony.

Apparently he was on Air America this morning. I guess he is upset with Hillary for pretending to be a moderate by saying certain things about the war. So among his comments he said "Hillary Clinton can kiss my butt...". That just made my day and I got a good laugh out of it.

I also read today that Hillary may be getting some competition from the green party in '08. If you're a democrat it is quite the dilemma. Either appease the Michael Moores of the world by being a leftist loony or try pretending to be a centrist and get competition from the green party. What is a liberal democrat to do?

UPDATE: I found these great political cartoons on Robosquirrel's blog. They are called Day by Day by Chris Muir. He has a new one up each day and they are great. You might want to check them out.


bigwhitehat said...

At least he cleaned up his language.

James Manning said...

I don't think Hillary is going to make it in '08. We will see, but there are some good Dem candidates out there now and Hillary woundn't make it past New Hampshire.

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

How is that going to happen when she already has so many of the money people behind her?

James Manning said...

Money is one thing, I just don't think she'll make it. Maybe I'm wrong but those money folks have two years to change their mind and I suspect that will. The Dems are looking to win the white house. Hillary is not the way to do that. I like Hillary, but she'll never be President and wouldn't get 25% fo the vote.

We have a few years yet. We'll see how it pans out.

Who do you think will run for the Republicans? That's pretty wide open as well.

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

12 01 05


Revka said...

Dude, don't tell me you like HIll!! I can see maybe Bill because he seems like a cool cat to hang out with, for guys, but HILL?? She is a two-faced you know what. Totally phony.

CONDI, CONDI!!!! I have been thinking of this, and either Condi, or Newt, and there is another guy my husband named, and then I heard Rush give his name out as well. Unfortuneatly, i can't remember it. I have been forgetting a lot of stuff lately. I think i have been under some stress!

James Manning said...

Nah, I'm not a Hillary fan but I don't think she is a devil like some conservatives. But I'm not prepared to vote for her as president.

Question, is America ready for a woman president. I think Condi is a very smart woman, but Liberal or Conservative, I'm not sure we'd elect a woman as president. I would give Condi the same chance of making it out of the primaries as I would Hillary. They are the two top females but I have a feeling a lot of folks wouldn't back them because of their gender.

Patrick Joubert Conlon said... is now gearing up to put up another candidate against Hitlery for the Senate and does not want her to run for Prez. They want an anti-war candidate. Her deception and game-playing are catching up with her.

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

It is still early but if Hillary gets the Dem nomination I would probably want Condi. I also really like Jeb Bush but I don't think he'll make it because the country isn't ready for another Bush just yet. My other choice is George Allen. Newt is good but I'm afraid he has been too demonized by the left to make it. The main person I DON'T want is John McCain.

James Manning said...


McCain is a fraud. He tries to play the outsider and the insder at the same time. I think Mark Warner is the front runner on the Dem side. I think you are right about Allen. I think he will beat McCain.

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

12 02 05

Interesting how you all feel about McCain. I always respected him for trying to reach a middle ground with both sides. The problem is via Centrism he and (dare I say) Ms. Clinton have pissedoff everyone. I used to think Centrism was the best, but have found that I am not really a Centrist; just an Independent. I have very strong beliefs for which I will never break down, while others I have no strong opinion cuz I've not collected enough evidence. Too bad the patchers and compromisers always end up screwing up their credibility! Good discussion!

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Mahndisa: The reason I have such strong feelings about McCain is that he has stabbed Republicans in the back numerous times over issues that I feel VERY STRONGLY about. The biggest one was when we were just about to nix the judicial filibusters with the constitutional option. I still remember hearing on Fox News that he had struck this compromise with the gang of 14. I was sooooo mad. We finally had Republicans having a back bone to stop the judicial filibusters and he pulled the rug out from under them.

I don't consider him to be a conservative and I was very upset about the Campaign Finance bill because I think it violates the first amendment. It restricts free speech rights. There are many other issues but those are my main two. Also he seems to have a love affair with the media and pleasing them seems more important than his constituents who voted him into office.

Robosquirrel said...

There aren't as many people behind Hillary as people are being led to believe. I think most of the chatter is wishful thinking and idle speculation dressed up as news by agenda-driven journalists and editors.

But I've been worng before.

I think he's terrific on foreign policy and a great American hero (I've read his first book "Faith of My Fathers"), but McCain's musings on domestic policy scare me:

"But Mr. McCain is no antitax supply-sider himself. He grandstanded against the Bush capital-gains and dividend tax cuts and even co-sponsored an amendment with Tom Daschle to scuttle the reduction in the highest income-tax rates. Why? "I just thought it was too tilted to the wealthy and I still do. I want to cut the taxes on the middle class." Even when I confront him with emphatic evidence that those tax cuts have been an economic triumph and have increased revenues, he is unrepentant and defends his "no" vote by falling back on class-warfare type thinking: "We have a wealth gap in this country, and that worries me.""

McCain fits the classic definition of a real live flesh-and-blood Progressive. Now, when the economy has just recovered from disastrous Clintonian-type economic policy is hardly the time for a guy like this to be in the White House. Granted, Congress holds the purse strings, but a good President can drive Congress.

Personally, I want to see George Allen or Tim Pawlenty take a stab at it.

Thanks for the linkage!

Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

I used to like McCain but he is playing the same game as Hitlery - talking out of both sides of his mouth.

I wish Sen. Tancredo would take a crack at it.

Revka said...

George Allen is supposed to be pretty awesome. That was who I was thinking of that Rush mentioned and my husband really likes. I have never heard of him.

James, (and everyone), You are right in your description of McCain. He does try to be an outsider and an insider. He doesn't stand for anything.. Like HITLERY..(Love that Patrick)..She too plays the game.

Let's get some integrity and guts in the white house.
I need to google Allen and see what he is all about.

The Exile said...

What's funny is that the Moonbats actually believes that Hillary believes a word of what she's saying. She should wear a t-shirt that says "I don't mean it!" and wink after every sentence. Maybe then the Left would understand that she's trying to lie her way into the White House so that she can implement their agenda.

But they are so fanatically against anything that even appears to be Conservative that they forget that this is the woman who tried to implement Socialism via health care not too long ago.

The Left has two options: keep losing because of their fanaticism or start a revolution. And they don't have the guts (or the weapons or the military) to overthrow the government.

Oops! Guess they shouldn't have pissed the military off.

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Robosquirrel: You're welcome for the linkage and great comments. I haven't even heard of Tim Pawlenty so I'll have to look him up.

I have to admit that I'm worried about not having a strong, charismatic conservative for '08 but we've got time. I love Giuliani but he is way too liberal on social issues

Exile: As always I love your wit :-). I too am concerned about all the people who are believing Hillary's move to the center. It seems unfathomable to me that anyone would but I even have friends that know very little about her scandal ridden past. The funny thing is the loony left isn't letting her even pretend to move to the center so it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I gotta tell ya, LMC, I admire your ability to acquire 17 comments on one post. You are certainly in a league far above me.

McCain is all over the map and I disagree with his purposely cracking the GOP. Except: he thinks we should stay the course in Iraq.

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Zeppelin: Thanks for the compliment but I don't think I'm in a league above you :-).

And I will give credit where credit is due. I will commend McCain for his service in Vietnam and his support of the war on terror but otherwise he gets no support from me.

Phantom_Driver, USNR, Ret. said...

First off, the Green Party can't even get enough signatures to get a ballot line here in NY. Secondly, here is a true story about my lunch with Hillary:

DATELINE Bainbridge, New York, May, 2005. Place: Bob's Diner, one of my favorite lunch spots in Central New York. Time: 11:30 AM. We had just entered the diner and were seated about five minutes, had ordered Bob's 1/2 pound burger, when a limo and four SUV's sporting Maryland plates and blacked out windows roll up outside, and Hillary and about 5 of her personal shill aides get out and come into the diner.

Now I'm retired Navy, and wearing my leather flight jacket with unit and command patches, as well as my USS KITTY HAWK ballcap, with Vietnam Service Ribbon onboard.

My wife says to me " don't start up with her. The Secret Service will arrest you...."

As luck and seating would have it,
she sat down at the 6 seat table directly next to us. I could have tossed a French Fry into that gaping maw. Up close, without the stage lighting makeup, the crone is uglier than anticipated, and those piano legs don't help the situation. I did my best to ignore her, but she did glance my way frequently as I scowled at her.

An aide with a camera approached me and asked if I'd like my pic taken with her. My reply: "When Hell Freezes over" which she overheard.

Although the diner was full (about 70 persons) only the owner, a couple of waitresses and 3 other "invitees" had their pictures taken with her.

She is almost universally despised in Central NY. It's only the mob bossed union center cities that put that idiot in office.

She's not a chance for the Prez spot. The fire and police and Jewish communities of NYC hate her, and she was booed out of Yankee Stadium and hasn't been back.

She's a Clinton, and both wings of her own party have had enough of them. Lie-berman will be my pick for the Dems, (if they're smart).
He's the only middle of the roader they have!

Personally, I'd vote for a Condi/Keyes or Keyes/Condi ticket in a heartbeat.

It's too early to call anything right now.

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

12 02 05\

Hey Ms. Chatterbox and Robosquirrel: Yeah Ms. Chatterbox Blo Zep is right; your blog is hopping! Thx for explaining that stuff about McCain. I didn't realize the stuff on his economic views. Robosquirrel gave enough info to bother me dearly. Then when you said how the finance bill impinged upon our rights?!!! WTF!!!! You know how I feel about our rights uh oh, his Centrism has cost him my respect. UH oh.....Thx for the info guys:)

Revka said...

Your website is a hoppin now! Congrats!! I was hoping it would!

I agree that there is concern over some who think Hillary is going to the middle. She is a liar, and a con. She is as far left as you can throw her.

I have always admired Chatter since I know her outside of blogging. She is very sharp and almost won a contest to have her own political radio show in Kansas City. It went to a liberal gal. She had no smarts, just a lot of passion in her voice.
Chatter has a passion in her heart, it didn't come out as 'loudly' over the mike as did the liberal, but she blew her away with her intellect.

We all went together to watch her go. Once she gets going, man she has a lot of knowledge about stuff. They have to pick a question out of a hat and answer it. She did extremely well in both the local questions and national.

Trust me, she can ramble in person very coherently, as well as on this blog. As for me, I can write and blog, but when it comes to speaking it is rare if it comes out as well as her!

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Thanks Rebecca. You are way too nice :-).