Monday, December 12, 2005

"Conservative Weblogs outdo Liberal Sites"

The post I was wanting to do today had a key picture that I needed to use. I can't get it to work so I will have to save that post for wednesday.

Anyway, today's post will have a key article I want to highlight and some other miscellaneous comments that I want to make. I came across this article on World Net Daily the other day and thought it was very encouraging :-):

Conservative weblogs
outdo liberal sites
New York Times magazine feature
sees them as 'more effective'

Posted: December 10, 2005
1:00 a.m. Eastern
© 2005
A story in the New York Times Sunday magazine declares conservative blogs continue to have more political and electoral influence than liberal blogs.
Titled "Conservative Blogs Are More Effective," Michael Crowley's piece in the magazine's 5th Annual Year in Ideas cover package claims that with the 2006 elections approaching, Democrats are now "trying to use blogs more strategically," says the trade publication Editor & Publisher.

But Crowley – citing Democrat activist Matt Stoller, who ran a blog for Sen. Jon Corzine in his recent race for New Jersey governor – believes conservative blogs will once again have the upper hand next year.

Stoller points to a recent example in New Jersey where talk radio picked up on personal charges against Corzine published by conservative blogs which caused "damage" to the campaign.

"To Stoller, it was proof of how conservatives have mastered the art of using blogs as a deadly campaign weapon," Crowley writes, according to Editor & Publisher. "Yet Corzine won the election easily anyway."

Some might point to Howard Dean's massive web-driven presidential campaign and heavy traffic for liberal blogs such as DailyKos as counterarguments. But Crowley writes Democrats "say there's a key difference between liberals and conservatives online."

"Liberals use the Web to air ideas and vent grievances with one another, often ripping into Democratic leaders," he says, while conservatives, "by contrast, skillfully use the Web to provide maximum benefit for their issues and candidates."

Crowley believes, though, that what truly makes conservative blogs effective is the infrastructure provided by the Fox News Channel and radio giants such as Rush Limbaugh, all of which are quick to pass on the latest tidbit from the blogosphere."

So I thought that was encouraging. As it has been said many times Conservatives flourish wherever there is true competition.

Now for my short Entertainment Media update. I watched "Kingdom of Heaven" this weekend on DVD. I had heard it touted by conservatives that this movie made Muslims look good and Christians look bad. So initially I had no desire to see it. But a friend insisted that it was pretty good so I thought I would give it a try. It actually was fairly good and worth seeing in my opinion. I look forward to seeing the "History vs. Hollywood" section from the History Channel that is on the 2nd disk. The History channel usually does a good job of telling you what in the movie was true and what was just Hollywood.

As I had mentioned my kids and I watch "Survivor". For those of you fellow "Survivor" fans you know the Guatemala finale was on last night. We really wanted Stephanie to win and were very disappointed that she didn't. But at least she came in 2nd place.

And finally I wanted to mention that I found my quote of the week on Sacto Dan's blog. I liked it so much I had to use it also. And my verse of the week is a common phrase that Sean Hannity always says. As you know I am a big fan of his and there is something about the way he says, "Don't let your heart be troubled" that just makes me feel like it will all be okay. So with the stress that usually accompanies this time of year I figured it would be nice to be reminded that our hearts don't need to be troubled :-).


James Manning said...

I have a theory as to why this is. But before I do, thanks for the link. That's a pretty good description although I never thought of myself as a comedian - but I am funny as hell, huh? RIP Richard Pryor.

I think Conservatives do better because of what I call "Concentrated Passion". Conservatives have a pretty clear and simple message and a basic agenda. I don't mean simple as in stupid, but simple as in it is easy for people to understand and for the most part embrace. Abortion, gay marriage, school choice, family values may be complicated issues but Conservatives make a clear message as to what they believe - and are passionate about it.

The in comparrison to Liberals who are all over the place. I for one am more of a black activist and conservative on some issues. But their are Liberal who could care less and focus on environmental issues. There are at least eight sects of Liberalism while I can count maybe three with Conservatives. But those three sects will stick together.

Finally, there is the fire and brimstone effect. It's the difference in listening to a pentecostal preacher and listening to a Harvard professor talk about God. Now, which one do you think would ignite more passion in his followers?

The one thing that Liberals have going for them is that they truly do understand the world is more complicated than what most conservatives make it out to be. It is the reason I think Bush is good at politics but terrible at policy. It is the reason that the GOP is taking ten years to do what took Dems 40. Absolute power corrupts and right now the GOP is the absolute power - and they are falling prey to that influence.

I actually think it will be good for everyone if the GOP loses at least one house next year. Having one party control America is not a good thing.

Eddie said...

I watched survivor last night. I couldn't stop thinking to myself, those people look completely malnourished and, if I didn't know better, looked to be starving.

I guess I will just have to pin my hopes on making a Ken Jennings-like jeopardy appearance someday to cash in the big bucks.

James Manning said...

Ok, another post inspired by you.

The Packaging of the Conservative Message

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

12 12 05

"So I thought that was encouraging. As it has been said many times Conservatives flourish wherever there is true competition."
Ha!!! I love this quote you go girl! I think James is right in many ways, except for wanting the GOP to lose a house;) The reason I say this is because I want good people in these spots regardless of their party. I don't care what the party is; I care about the job being done. So if it is GOPers, cool if they do what I think should be done and so forth. I do think that the moonbats are all over the place and I have found that they have no strategy other than to bash conservatives. And it is so ridiculous, but many of them use extremely profane language and reduce themselves to being infantiles and it is so lames. That is why they lost the last two elections; one cannot win if all one does is lambast ones opponents and that is the God honest truth!!!

Lastly, James and I REALLY see eye to eye as Blacks. In many ways the conservative vs. liberal thing doesn't quite apply to Blacks because many of us are both. One big reason is that of the aftermaths of slavery and institutional racism. Many libertarians and GOPers don't want government to establish affaction type programs because they view it as in incursion into the markets and the states rights. Yet many Blacks will say; well ordinarily that may be true-but the GOVERNMENT was complicit in drafting LAWS to oppress us; therefore the government is OBLIGATED to help us. See what I mean? The position of Blacks in America is some type of mixture between conservatism and liberalism with a bit of cultural pride. I identify more with cons because of the MESSAGE! Self empowerment, little governmental reliance OR interference, stronger states rights, FLAT TAXATION and more of a free market. But you all know that I am very socially liberal. Case in point. EXCELLENT post, Ms. Chatterbox you have been on FIRE lately and keep it up!!Have a great day:)

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Eddie: Yah, I like to watch Survivor but I could never do it. I like food too much.

James: You make some interesting points and I don't totally disagree with you. I don't see the GOP being as unified as you say we are. I wish we were that unified. When Bill Clinton was going through the Lewinsky thing democrats rallied around him and defended him no matter what. Morally I had issues with that but at least the democratic party was loyal. Whereas unfortunately I feel that with Republicans if there is blood in the water you might get thrown overboard. I would never want to be loyal to someone who had done something wrong but I also don't think we should throw them overboard if they are being unjustly accused.

I get what you're saying about the pentecostal preacher and the Harvard professor. But I don't know that I view the parties that way. For the longest time I feel we had the better message but democrats knew how to communicate it better. It was so frustrating to me watching Republicans on sunday morning shows not making points that they should make. But I think what has happened recently is we were the underdogs for so long and had to learn to back-up what we believed. Democrats kind of skated for awhile because the MSM carried their water and would communicate whatever they wanted said. Then when they were challenged on Talk Radio & the internet and Fox News they didn't know what to do because they were used to everybody just accepting what they said and agreeing with them. But I have to admit that Republicans need to continue the attitude of backing up what they believe because if they get lazy we could end up like the democrats.

In some ways I think the world is more complicated. But on the other hand I think liberals use that as an excuse sometimes to justify bad behavior. I think W & Reagan were right in some of their views of the simplicity of the world.

Anyway I've gone on too long but you make some good points and thats why I like how you interact on blogs. One of my very close friends is married to a guy that is very liberal. He has been discouraged with democrats lately and he has made this analogy that just totally cracks me up. He compares the 2 parties to football teams. He feels the Democrats are completely, ineptly run (“coached,” for the sake of the analogy). And while the Democrats try to be sneaky and win by getting the Republican’s mascots drunk and crying “Scandal! Scandal!” the Republicans get to the heart of the matter by having Karl Rove waiting at the bottom of the stairs of the democrats' team bus and as they get off the bus he is cutting their tendons with a razor blade. He cuts their feet out from under them. So they can basically reply to the scandal cries by saying, “So what? You haven’t got any legs! Try winning now!”

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Mahndisa: You make some great points. I agree that the right person should be in power regardless of their party. I'm just disappointed that the Republicans haven't accomplished more having the Congress and the Executive branch. But when you have moderate/liberals gumming up the works things get stuck.

James Manning said...

Good post Mahn,

But you fall right into the mode that enable conservatives to flourish. The simplicity of the message is true, however, there are many byproducts of policy that are not addresses when taking this approach. Almost everything in the conservative message could be prefaced with, "In a perfect world..." We do not live in a perfect world, hence the need for understanding and appreciating the nuances of policy making.


I would agree that the best person should be in office, but I view it as the best person that believes as I do. I don't mean to make it sound as if the Cons are all for one and one for all - they are not. But there just aren't as many sects to the Cosnervatives (fiscal conservatives, social conservatives, neo-cons and moderates) Depending on the policy, they will generally unite for the sake of the party. It is falling apart now because of the budget, the war and the arrogance of the Administration not to appease those different factions of the party.

The Dems have yet to learn what the Cons know and they are paying a price for it. But I think America is paying the price in having one party rule. The reason more is not accomplished is becuase once you are in power and have to create legislations, you are strained by the realities of limited resources, social construct and expectations of what people expect from their government.

Ignoring these realities is what got the Dems in trouble and it is what is getting the Cons in trouble.

James Manning said...

By the way Chatter, I agree with Mahn, you have been of fire lately with the post. By far my favorite conservative in the blogosphere.

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Thanks, James :-).

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

James: By the way, I like being the inspiration for some of your posts :-).

Mr. Grey Ghost said...

Miss Chatterbox

I heard about that article, but I couldnt really put much merit into it as I didnt think that the writer did enough research to make his claims. I do know that conservative radio greatly outdoes liberal radio in ratings, yet each side is too extreme for my taste.

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

I realize the article is talking about blogs that are far more popular than my piddly little blog but I still thought they made some good points.

Robosquirrel said...

Um, on a completely unrelated note...

Er, tag

Robosquirrel said...

Mahndisa, I have to disagree with you on you point that, "In many ways the conservative vs. liberal thing doesn't quite apply to Blacks because many of us are both," lest we forget Maryland Lt. Governor Michael Steele. Moonbats come in every color.

But I'll give you that blacks share a lot of common ground due to shared history. I have a post in the hopper on the subject that will likely piss a lot of people off. I just have to gather my thoughts and get some time to sit down and work it out.

James: I think that the impression that conservatives have a simple, (maybe "polarized" is better?) view of the world comes from many of them having conviction on their principles and confidence in what they believe. There's nothing wrong with clarity and consistency, as it indicates principle-based leadership, of which I am a strong proponent.

Any thinking person realizes it takes all kinds. There is no one type of liberal, or one type of conservative, obviously. I think a big part the reason we separate things into these categories of right and left is that we are so used to two parties running the show. The political spectrum is more like a plane (geometrically speaking), but it doesn't matter because people get pigeonholed and categorized as one or the other. I don't think there's much of a middle, but there are all kinds of variations of political belief radiating outward.

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Robosquirrel: well said!!

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

12 12 05

Robosquirrel: I see what you mean, but understand I was speaking in general terms. When you look at the statistical overall attitudes and behaviors of Blacks, you will see that even though some are on the moonbat team, they have remarkably conservative views. And some Black cons have certain liberal views e.g. Condi Rice is not against Affirmative Action. So in a general sense, of course polarization exists across party lines, but underlying philosophies are not as divergent as they appear. For stats see the sidebar of the Bookerrising site. They have interesting stats on these issues!