Saturday, October 29, 2005

Who Would You Pick?

I spent too much time this afternoon researching the reported "short list" of candidates W is going to be picking from for the next Supreme Court Justice. I ofcourse want W to pick the most qualified person but I have to admit I would really like a woman. The only 2 women SCJ have been Sandra Day O'Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg who have both been dismal failures. I would love to have a woman hero like Scalia & Thomas. So here's the "short list" (I have set up links for some of them for those that would like to read more):

Alice Batchelder
Karen Williams
Priscilla Owen
Janice Rogers Brown
Maura Corrigan
Samuel Alito
J. Michael Luttig
Michael McConnell

These 3 are the only ones who aren't judges:

Senator John Cornyn
Chris Cox
Maureen Mahoney

As some of you know I have been leaning towards Janice Rogers Brown but I would like to know more about the other women. Karen Williams looks good but I wasn't able to find out much about her. Out of the men I like Samuel Alito the best but Luttig looks good too.

So fellow bloggers let me know who you would pick. And anybody that has some good info on any of these people I would love to know more. Thanks.

Townhall asked the same poll question and Janice Rogers Brown was by far the favorite at 42%, Michael Luttig 25%, Samuel Alito 12% and everybody else only getting anywhere from 2-5%.


Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

Janice Rogers Brown also won the vote on Neal Boortz by 67%. She is my dream candidate. She is mostly pretty moderate in her opinions but has ruffled a few feathers by saying some pretty libertarian things like the USA went wrong when we adopted socialism via Social Security.

It would be fun to see the lefties getting their tits in a tangle trying not to sound rscist about her. Actually at least one Dem will put his foot in his mouth and say something racist.

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

10 29 05

Hey Ms. Chatterbox:
Great Post! I will advertise it on the site, although I am wondering if it will get more views if I do it for Monday. I will provide a link now and continue to Monday!

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Thanks, Mahndisa that sounds great!!

Revka said...

Patrick conlon,
SHAME ON YOU!!! Really supporting a black woman.. wait a minute, you are republican.. you can't do that! Republican's hate black people.
Oh yeh, i forgot.. She is an 'uncle Tom'.. O.K.. whew, i thought you didn't fit the stereotype for a second!

(Hope you know i am kidding).

Revka said...

Still haven't had time to read them, but i am SO GLAD you did this so i can read about all of the ones -at least on the short list. Thanks! I will let you know asap who I would pick, then we can see what happens.. Of course if he picks one tomorrow, i may be a little bit late..
See ya!

Rodney A Stanton said...

JRB is the one. But she is too conservative for bush.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Those who have cruised around my site know that my first choice is JRB. When I see a bevy of so-called "black leaders" attempt to denigrate her when she was appointed to the DCCA in June this year, my first response is: she's got my backing. For those unaware, a District of Columbia Court of Appeals placement is just short, in terms of status, of a SCOTUS post.

What I would really love is this: Teddy Kennedy, or Charles Schumer, to try to rake her over the proverbial coals, in an open hearing, on national television, so that all could see how truly racist these Democratic "leaders" truly are.

It's never been about promoting the "little guy or gal" with the Democratic party -- or about the Black, the Hispanic, the Asian. It's all about the agenda and about the money.

The final problem is this: Bush simply won't fight. And I don't "get it." He's a Lame Duck; what's he got to lose? My confidence in GWB diminishes day by day.

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Being the eternal optimist I'm still hoping he'll pick her. If nothing else just to enable me to be able to read Ann Coulter's columns again :-).

Zeppelin, I agree that it would be great to see her with Kennedy & Schumer since she would probably run circles around them. Thanks for your comments.

Revka said...

unfortunately, today is a day that i don't have time to read about all of them. I just heard the 'rumor' is it maby be between Luttig and Alito.
I was only able to read part of each candidate. They both sound pretty good. However, i don't know because it was mentioned if he does nominate one of them, they will be sure to go through with no problem. That bothers me.

SO.. i will go for the most controversial.. JRB. ANy candidate the Dems hate, i will support. I don't even have to read up on them to know that.

I agree with you zeppelin, i tend to get frustrated with Bush when he licks the toes of the dems. I think he is sincerely trying to bring us 'together', but he is also very smart, and should know that with the dems it is impossible. That will never happen, and waffling on a supreme court nominee is serious business. I am sure there are other issues he can waffle on that won't hurt our country too bad. But, he has already done that a little too much for my comfort.. AND LOOK AT HOW THE DEMOCRATS appreciate it, and want to go along with the 'give and take'..
yeh... right, give and take.. they want it their way or the highway, after Bush kindly gave them a lot of the things they wanted..Here is their way of 'uniting, not dividing'.. filibusters, fake documents, raking bush for Iraq, trying to get Rove indicted, and using the libby indictment to bring up why we went to war.. Having CIA agents all over T.V. to bring up information as to what really was in the intelligence reports.. This is all to get the public to question bush and to lead to a possible 'investigation'.. Bush lied!! they say..


DirtCrashr said...

I like Janice Brown, despite the fact that I had a crazy girlfriend in college named Janet Brown. ;-)