Sunday, October 23, 2005

Nauseating Lectures From The Left

I made the mistake of watching some of "Meet The Press" this morning. I watched for a couple of minutes before running out the door to church. In those couple of minutes my blood pressure rose and I found myself yelling at the TV (not an uncommon occurrence).

Chuck Schumer was smugly lecturing the American People on how honorable Patrick Fitzgerald is. So whatever decision he comes to on the CIA leak case everyone should support it. I am having extreme difficulty this week being lectured to by Democrats. Seeing Schumer was the last straw after already hearing Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean lecture us on how corrupt the Republican Party is. This from the people who carried Bill & Hillary's water during the myriad scandals during their administration. The depth of the injustice and the unfair treatment of Republicans is unfathomable. If a prosecutor can indict Tom Delay on such flimsy charges how many times should Bill & Hillary have been indicted on real, legitimate charges? Clinton and Gore knowingly and blatantly violated campaign contribution laws. Yet when they were called on it their defense was that we should have new laws to keep people like us from committing crimes. I never understood how someone breaks an existing law and then gets away with saying the solution is to have more laws.

The bottom line is I refuse to be lectured to by Democrats on corruptness. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. It is breathtaking to me to witness the Democrats' audacity. My only consolation is that the witchhunts to get Rove & Delay are the Democrats last desperate attempt to regain some of their lost power


Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

10 23 05

Hey Ms. Chatterbox:
Thx for the visit to my blog and your appreciated contributions:)

"Seeing Schumer was the last straw after already hearing Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean lecture us on how corrupt the Republican Party is."

You know, Ms. Pelosi, Boxer and Feinstein bother me. Feinstein is OK from time to time but the others are just nauseating. Why? Their utter hypocrisy.

Now, to be fair: why do you think the charges against Mr. Delay are flimsy or false? I don't think wrongdoing is only on the left, the right does it too. Since I am rather ignorant about the Delay scandle, can you elicidate? I know you have something to say, and if you have the time, would LOVE to hear your opinion. Oh, and tmw I will add you to my blog roll (if you wish, otherwise email me and I will respect your wishes!)

Thx Ms. Chatterbox and have a great day!

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

I agree about Pelosi and Boxer. I've never liked Boxer but when I heard a story about her it confirmed it. There was a woman who tried to have an abortion but it was botched and the baby lived. Years later the woman was very thankful that her daughter had lived. They started making pro-life speeches since her teenage daughter was a living testimony of having survived an abortion. When they went to DC to testify before Congress Boxer came up with some technicality to keep the teenage girl out of the hearings. To me that just showed how she was truly not open to both sides of the issue and was wanting to suppress the truth.

On Delay thats a great question. I am willing to admit when our side does wrongdoing and I think they should be punished just the same. But there are many reasons why the charges against Delay are a witchhunt. I will write a blog on it since thats a great topic to do more research on. Thanks for the idea.

And adding me to your blogroll would be great.

Revka said...

looking forward to hearing your research on Tom Delay.

I agree with you on this. Does anyone think it is odd that there are 3 things going on all at once toward the republicans? Then the dems come out and say the republican party is corrupt?
yes i agree that corruption can happen on both sides.. But don't you find this onslaught kind of interesting?

I tend to think the Dem's planned all this before the 2006 elections. They are desperate to get their power back, and know they are in danger.

All i can say, is i hope we vote for republicans with a SPINE.. Forget about all these spineless ones, and i hope they get voted out.

Gotta start homeschool!

Tori said...

I am SO sick of all the conspiracy theorists out there lately.

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

I'm confused. Who is supposed to be the conspiracy theorist?