Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I finished watching the 1st series of 24 again last night. I was thinking about what it was that made me like Kiefer Sutherland's character Jack Bauer and the character David Palmer. 24 portrays Bauer and Palmer standing up for truth and justice. They do the right thing even when they are pressured not to. They bring about justice even when they have to sometimes go outside conventional norms. They inspire admiration in me because they represent a rare breed.

There are people like them in the real world. My optimism wants to believe there are lots of people willing to fight for truth and justice. Although I'm often told by others that is not so. I run into many cynics who say that all politicians and many others are corrupt and money and power hungry. The more I live life the more I see their point. However, no one can ever convince me that there aren't still numerous heroes out there. People who are willing to fight for truth and justice in politics and in many other arenas. They aren't perfect. Many of my heroes are very flawed but that is life in the real world. In the Bible there are many heroes and the only one without flaws was Jesus. So it is in our world today.

One of my favorite movies of all time is Braveheart where Mel Gibson plays a character that is the ultimate in inspirational. He plays William Wallace who leads an army into trying to obtain freedom for Scotland. As the common, everyday people are rallying behind Wallace Robert the Bruce is torn on whether to support him. His father who is a hideous looking man believes in compromise. He tells Robert the Bruce that "uncompromising men are easy to admire". I think Mel Gibson purposely made the compromising father hideous looking because of what he stood for. The politically correct people of today would tell you that compromise is the ultimate virtue. Don't take a stand for truth and justice because you might offend someone. You can't always get what you want. The ideal is unattainable. Compromise may be important and good in your marriage and in personal relationships. But when it comes to sticking to your beliefs and your virtues and taking a stand on what is right compromise is not admirable. At least not to me.

I may be in the minority but I guess thats what makes me, me. I've always had a passion for taking a stand for what is right. So thats why fictional and real life people who fight for truth and justice will always be inspirational for me. I love reading books and watching movies with these heroes in them because they give me a snapshot into what I can aspire to be. They give me examples to give to my children to inspire them to be better. To communicate to them it is important to stand up for what is right. Truth and justice are worth fighting for and it is part of the reason God has us here on earth.


Revka said...

WOW.. what a good piece. Chatterbox, this shows your ability to write well!
I hope you don't mind, but i gave your site out to some other conservative bloggers. You might want to figure out how to block spam once your site gets out.
If you need help, just e-mail me.

Regarding your post: I happen to know you and you are VERY passionate about justice and doing what is right regardless of the cost. That is one of the things i admire about you. I once read in 'A purpose driven life' that there are many different ways to worship God. One of the ways is taking a stand for social injustice. such as, getting involved in politics, anti-abortion rallies etc.. Other believers should not cut each other down for how they choose to worship God. That really stuck with me because i was getting down on myself for being so involved in politics, and mayby i should stop doing that. But really, i am just involved because i want our country to continue to be 'One Nation under God'. Being a Christian isn't about 'individualism', but about 'community'. Although Jesus came to save us individually, scripture talks about 'the church' as a body.. a community of believers who show the world his love, his character qualities, one of which is justice.
enough rambling!! Got off the point a bit!!
See you chatterbox!

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

10 20 05

Hello Chatterbox:
Rebecca gave me your blogsite so here I am. Wowzers! You are so very correct. Rebecca stated how Liberals think in one of the posts and she pointed out the inherent contradictions in what they sanction vs their rhetoric. I have oft wondered why San Francisco (a bastion of the LEFT) has such a homeless problem. Hypocrisy! Those Leftists just make noise but rarely accomplish much. I did a piece on my blog about this mean spirited man who writes for the big paper there: The SF Chronicle. It is patently Malthusian, pro baby kiling, racist and antiChristian. I can not abide any of this, hence I wrote him a letter! See it at your leisure and have a wonderful day:) Oh by the way, to prevent getting spammed, you might want to turn on your WORD VERIFICATION

Ranting Republican said...

Hey Chatterbox! Rebecca told me to check out your site, and I'm very glad I did! Great post and I'll be checking in regularly! Keep up the good work :)

Ranting Republican said...

Oh, and by the way - Teacher Tori, a good republican (my sister) is having some trouble with liberals on her site - I urge all of you to come over and help her out!!!

Manateechik said...

Hi Chatterbox. I decided to stop by your blog. I like this post. I feel I am very much the same. I am an idealist and it sounds as if you are too. It can be painful at times, can't it? Anyway, thanks for sharing that post.

Manateechik said...

By the way, I understand that our opinions on what is ideal might differ sometimes, or maybe all the time, I'm not sure. But it's similar in that it's genuine and from the heart so we both feel it the same way.