Sunday, October 09, 2005


I made the mistake of watching parts of the morning news shows this morning. Bill Kristol was over the top and asking that Miers take herself out and ofcourse Pat Buchanan was trashing her. Then today I was teaching Children's Church and the Bible Story was the one where Jesus washed his disciples' feet. I was thinking about how Jesus is God and yet lowered himself to do a servant's job and how I sometimes think I'm too good to do certain jobs. I do think there is some elitism on the part of some of these conservatives that are freaking out about Mier's nomination. Ann Coulter was deriding the fact that Mier's humility was being praised in that she was willing to do any menial task at church. I know thats not a qualification in some aspects but it is in other aspects because it shows she has good character and she has humility. And in the realm of politics there are VERY FEW people even among conservatives that could claim humility as one of their attributes. I really think Bush knows her character, integrity and judicial philosophy and that may count a lot more than whether she went to an ivy league school or not. Just a thought.

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Manateechik said...

Politics aside, I think humility is very rare indeed. Great of you to point it out in the context of Jesus. It's a good reminder for all of us.