Friday, October 07, 2005

Harriet Miers

I feel like I'm one of the nuns on The Sound of Music. Instead of "What do we do with a problem like Maria?" it's; What do we do with Harriet Miers?

When I tried out for the Radio Talk Show Host contest last year they said I did a great job except that I didn't take a strong opinion and I said I could see both sides. Anyone who knows me well knows that rarely happens. Usually I have a strong, passionate opinion and I don't see both sides. But today I'm going to see both sides and declare I'm still not completely sure where I stand on Harriet Miers.

David Limbaugh said it well in his article . Limbaugh is "disappointed but still hopeful". I think that is where a lot of conservatives are. I must admit this whole discourse has been very painful for me. Ever since I have been paying attention to politics one of my greatest passions has been to elect a conservative president who would then put conservative justices on the Supreme Court. And other conservatives have been waiting a lot longer than me so we all had high expectations. And it seems we are all a little disappointed.

It is hard to hear my conservative icons trashing my conservative president. It feels like one of my close friends attacking another one of my close friends. It's not fun. The problem is some of the points Rush, Ann Coulter and others make are valid. As much as I love Ann I think she has gone off the deep end a little on this one although she makes one good point. We have a lot of excellent, brilliant legal power on the right and Harriet Miers doesn't seem to even be in their league. Could she still be even though she doesn't appear that way? Yes. Are we in doubt? Also, yes.

Rush makes another valid point in that what kind of precedent are we setting with this nomination? Have we left conservative judges like Priscilla Owens and Janice Rogers Brown hung out to dry because they have a record that can be attacked? The conservative judges that have fought for us on the front lines have been persecuted and have received very little thanks. Do we snub them even further by not considering them for the Supreme Court? Or has the precedent already been set by what happened to Bork? He went down in flames not because he was inexperienced or unqualified but because he was a conservative and not afraid to show it. Clarence Thomas squeaked by but not before having false, vicious attacks against him that some still believe today. And although we have many awesome conservative senators in the senate we also have a couple of weak-kneed ones who seem to be willing to turn on the president in a heartbeat. But should we have fought anyway and set a standard and shown the democrats' true colors? Peggy Noonan thinks we should have and the idealist in me thinks maybe she's right.

I don't know the answers. Some conservatives seem to be doing what David Limbaugh says he's not ready to do, "run in front of a beer truck". I think thats how extreme some of the rhetoric has gotten. On the other hand does Bush deserve some of this criticism? Yes!! He knows how important this is to so many of his hard-core supporters and yet his comments to us are "Trust Me". I am willing to trust him and Dobson and others who try to assure me that this will be okay. Dick Cheney told Rush on his show that we could trust him and that in 10 years we would be very happy with Harriet Miers. As I heard him say that I made a mental note, I will trust you but if I'm not happy in 10 yrs. I will hunt you down and call you and remind you that you said trust me and we got screwed. As I am often the eternal optimist I am hoping and praying that will not be the case. I am hoping and praying that she and Roberts will both turn out to be awesome justices. The good news is that even if they aren't we can trust in the One who never lets us down and can always be trusted to somehow make things right.


Revka said...

Great post! Yes, i too am kind of inbetween, but i err more on the side of hope due to Bush's outspoken faith. Also, as Rush pointed out, Bush is not a yes man. He doesn't do things based on polls or even what the conservatives think is the right thing to do. I sincerely believe that he does things based on what he thinks would be the right and best thing to do for this country.
To me, that is an amazing quality about him. He doesn't let either side push him around. AND he doesn't care if his decisions make him 'look bad' or bring his poll numbers down.
That is what i love about him. And in this erra of terror, it suits us well to have a president like him in office. He will do what is right for this country, not for his own personal gain. The 'personal gain' thing is what we have grown accustomed to after Reagan. Also, trying to please everyone in order to get political points. That is NOT how our country should run.
Bottom line, we should be thankful God allowed us to have a leader like Bush, and we just need to trust him on this. Also, we need to trust that either way, as you said in your post, that God is a God who will not let us down, and there is a reason he allowed this nominee to happen.
Enough rambling, sorry..
See ya chatterbox!

Joia said...

As far as her having the same opinions as all of us and being capable of maintaining that conservative mindset for decades to come, it definitely sounds like she's our gal.

And I really do think Bush is probably being far more politically saavy than we all realize, given that we don't know what kind of backroom deals are taking place at any given time, nor do we fully understand the kinds of battles he faces daily.

But as far as her judicial credentials, well... I guess I figure that you and The Conservative Chick ( are making pretty valid points. I have to claim a lot of ignorance here, as I honestly don't know what a judge has to do that would require someone with lots of published articles to their name and judicial experience vs. someone who instead has lots of experience as a lawyer.

I'm reminded of a quote from Joe vs. the Volcano...

"I know he can get the job, but can he DO the job?"

(Which is a much funnier quote when you see Dan Hedaya yelling that into a telephone repeatedly while Tom Hanks has a nervous breakdown in the background.)

Anyway, my tactic, as you well know, is to avoid the news till she's confirmed, then wait for the moment when I can laugh at the world for doubting dubya. And I refuse to admit there is a chance for any other outcome. ;-)

La-la-la-la... I can't hear you, I can't hear you... la-la-la-la-la...

James Manning said...

As a Progressive Dem - I am firmly against Harriet Miers. I know Bush may elect someone that is more conservative but Miers is not qualified for the Supreme Court. There is no way she should go. When you make a mistake on a softball constitutional question, then that should give us pause. The Supreme Court is not a place to START thinking about constitutional issues. I hoped she is slammed and sent home.

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

I agree that the Supreme Court is not a place to start thinking about constitutional issues. But I would like to see how she handles herself during the hearings before I decide whether she is competent to be there or not.