Monday, September 05, 2005

The U.S. Supreme Court

When you sit back and take a look we are experiencing an historic moment. There are 2 vacancies on the Supreme Court one of those being the Chief Justice. It has been 11 years since we have had a new Supreme Court Justice, 14 years since a Republican has appointed one and 20 years since we've had to get a new Chief Justice. For me this has been what it has all been about. It was why I was having panic attacks during the 30 day standoff between Bush & Gore in 2000 and why I took 6 months out of my life to help Bush get elected in 2004. All so we could get some strict constructionists back on the Supreme Court and stop some of this legislating from the bench. It is so important and yet there are no guarantees. Roberts looks awesome and most conservative organizations are singing his praises but there are doubts. How do we make sure we don't end up with with a Stevens, O'Connor,Kennedy or Souter who were all appointed by Republican presidents? When you look at it we only have 2 justices appointed by a democrat president and yet how have we ended up with such a liberal court? It gives one cause to be concerned. It cracks me up when you look at who Rehnquist was appointed by, Nixon of all people. He turned out to be an awesome choice and yet Reagan appointed Kennedy & O'Connor who have been major disappointments. So unfortunately Ann Coulter has a point when she would like to see more proof of Roberts' conservatism and strict constructionism. At this point our biggest influence is prayer. Pray that Bush would pick a solid constitutionalist to replace Sandra Day O'Connor. Pray that Roberts would turn out as well as we all hope. And pray that all the liberals would be taking their medication so the senate hearings wouldn't turn into World War 3. It will be interesting to see how it will all pan out. For those of us News Junkies we will all be paying attention.


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