Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Hurricane Katrina & the Blame Game

I remember reading an article last tuesday that said 80% of New Orleans was under water. I sat there and thought that can't be right. As I read that the levees had broke and the city was flooded the enormity of what had happened hit me. My heart broke as I watched the pictures on the news and saw the people suffering. It reminded me more of a picture of what you would see in a Third World Country not in the United States. I started to contemplate what it would all mean. Many people would lose their lives or family members and if they survived with their family intact they still had lost their homes, their jobs, most of their possessions and none of it would be replaced anytime soon. The magnitude of what that would mean to thousands of people was almost incomprehensible.

My first thought was lets not play the blame game right away, lets do what we can to help these people and realize that no one could really have anticipated such a horrific nightmare. Yes, New Orleans knew that this was a possibility but its one of those things where you don't think its ever really going to happen. But I was repulsed as I saw the media and liberals immediately start taking advantage of a tragedy by playing the blame game. Who likes or respects someone who is a monday morning quarterback? When hollywood airheads and liberals blame Republicans with outrageous accusations how high can your blood pressure go? It didn't take me long to think okay, maybe we should find out who really is to blame if we are going to go there. The Mayor of New Orleans has the audacity to curse the President of the United States on the radio. Does he really want to go there? The more I researched the more I discovered that it was the local and state government that had dropped the ball. It is local government that is supposed to come in right away and FEMA and the Federal Government are supposed to "assist". By the Mayor and the Governor's own admission the Governor wouldn't let the Federal Government assist until she had 24 hours to look over the plan. That was a crucial 24 hours. And the only reason the Mayor and the Governor aren't being criticized by the media is because they are democrats. So they look for the only Republican and they salivate over another chance to try to damage Bush.

I wish we could get away from the blame game and work on making a difference by helping. I'm trying to give money and items to trusted organizations and people where you know its going directly to help those in need. The Samaritan's Purse, the Salvation Army and the Southern Baptists are doing a great job of using all the donated money to efficiently and quickly help people. Many people and charities are sacrificially giving and helping. So when I heard that Sean Penn blamed the United States for not doing a good enough job it just upset me. Everyone including Bush has admitted that the slow response was unacceptable but it is such a slap in the face to say that the United States is this terrible country and has done nothing. Yes, people dropped the ball and we can argue about whose fault it is. But there are Law Enforcement, Medical Experts, National Guard people who have probably gotten little sleep this week and yet they have to be lectured to by a know-nothing actor. Its just wrong. Thank goodness for the alternative media or we would never know all the good things the American people do and we would never hear the truth. As I wrap this up my thoughts turn again to the power of prayer. A friend reminded me of the enormous pressure the President is under right now. He is not perfect but he is a wise, godly, compassionate man who doesn't deserve half of the criticism he gets. He was a rock for our country after 9-11 and I know he will help us recover from Katrina. He needs and deserves our prayers. And let us pray for the victims of the hurricane as we also reach out a hand to help them.

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Revka said...

This has to be one of the best blogs i have read on this subject. Obviously, more factual than fictional. I too am sick of the media blaming Bush. I do remember right after Katrina hit and the flood waters rose, i told my husband."I will bet the dems will blame bush for this". My husband said, "for a hurricane?". I said, "yes, they will find some angle to blame him for".
I guess i was right!
Thanks Dionne for your thoughts!
Rebecca D.